Three Reasons Why a Zinio Digital Magazine Subscription Makes a Great Gift

zinioZinio is a unique magazine subscription website that offers thousands of digital magazine subscriptions at very reasonable prices. There is also a Zinio App that is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices.

Those who are looking for a good gift for a relative, friend or colleague will find that a subscription to one of Zinio’s many digital magazines is an excellent option. Following are three reasons why.

Something for Everyone

It is all too easy to purchase a gift for someone that seems like a good option, only to discover later that the recipient of the gift did not need and/or is not interested in using it. However, this is never the case when the gift is a Zinio digital magazine subscription.

There is hardly a person in the world that does not enjoy reading material related to topics that he or she is interested in and Zinio literally has something for everyone. Topics include news, entertainment, fashion, science, sports, lifestyle, automotive, art, technology, hobbies and much more. Additionally, Zinio has magazines available in dozens of languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, German and Russian.

Ease of Use

It is not hard to read any one of Zinio’s magazine subscriptions. As was noted above, these magazines are compatible with all types of devices and so can be read at home, while out and about and/or while on a trip.

Ease of Purchase

As most people have found, shopping for a gift online is much easier than shopping at a brick and mortar store. Zinio’s website is very user friendly and it is easy for a person to find what he or she is looking for in a matter of minutes. Magazine subscriptions are available in many price points, making it easy for anyone to buy digital subscription. Paying for the subscription is also simple and hassle free.

Zinio is fast becoming a very popular magazine platform and has earned accolades from users and professionals from all walks of life. It has much to offer and its digital magazine subscription services can be used to provide an ideal gift to any friend, relative or colleague.

Making Easter Gift Baskets for Kids on a Budget

gbPharmacies, supermarkets and department stores tend to capitalize on Easter by stocking their shelves with conveniently pre-packaged baskets of odds and ends. However, families don’t have to settle for generic bundles wrapped in cellophane; Easter gift baskets can be affordable and personalized too, with a few creative alternatives to the usual holiday staples.

- Go Green for Easter

Plastic shreds of “Easter grass” aren’t just messy; they’re also unnecessarily expensive, and the manufacturing process involves hundreds of chemicals. In order to preserve the planet and the wallet, simply shred old newspapers and magazines. For teens who want to change the world with a trendy, eco-friendly lifestyle, simply shred black-and-white newsprint and stuff the strips into a natural wood basket. To appeal to kids with bright colors or even Easter pastels, save up the comics section and keep magazines with particularly colorful advertisements. Shredded magazines produce glossy, vibrant strips that are even better than the manufactured alternative.

Stick to the recycling theme — and make the holiday truly unique — by going digital. Invest in reusable plastic or biodegradable eggs that open and shut, and fill them with something different every year. This Easter, consider using them as an excuse to go digital. Today’s gift cards work more like credit cards; simply purchase online credits and download codes for as little as 99 cents each, write down the code on the back of a business card or discarded printer paper, and stuff each egg with one of them. Kids will have fun “unlocking” the treasures within their eggs, and they can listen to those songs or play those games over and over again; their friends can’t say that about chocolate and jelly beans.

- Use Easter to Encourage Individuality

Easter gift baskets offer a great opportunity to encourage kids’ dreams and talents. Even for a five-year-old whose creative side just emerged, an Easter basket full of potential is a great way to start the summer.

For younger children, art supplies like sidewalk chalk, crayons and Play-Doh can offer hours of creative possibilities. For pre-teens and adolescents, budding hobbies offer perfect — and perfectly simple — ideas. Guitar picks, sheet music, or music store gift cards are great options for budding musicians; paperback novels, blank notebooks, and e-book codes give the aspiring writer something to aspire to.

- Replace Easter Staples with Affordable Alternatives

It’s easy to keep tradition with an open mind. Save money, avoid harmful chemicals, and encourage resourcefulness by bundling the ingredients of homemade egg dyes and adding them to Easter gift baskets. All-natural tips from Readers Digest include blueberries (which turn eggs light purple), strong coffee (for a light brown hue), packed cups of yellow onion skins (to stain eggs yellow), and deep red juices from beets, cranberries, and raspberries (all of which impart a light pink tone).

The “basket” part of the Easter basket is pretty essential, but it doesn’t require wood or wicker. Consider a reusable bag or box, such as a tote bag or crate, and stuff it with supplies for the most exciting, inventive, and practical Easter yet.

Your Stress-Free Travel Begins with a Priority Pass VIP Lounge Stay

ppMembership with Priority Pass offers weary travelers access to any of the 600 airport lounges. In more than 100 countries and over 300 cities, members participate in the largest independent airport lounge program on the globe. Information about the airport lounges can be acquired through a mobile app, website, text message inquiry or PDF document. Last minute arrival is no problem for the traveler who needs a quiet oasis between flights.

Comforts of Home

Long layovers will pass quickly when the chaos of the concourse and gate waiting areas is left behind. Members find a tranquil setting where all the amenities of home are available. After a long flight, the traveler can take a nap and then shower before the next leg of the long journey. These conveniences vary by location. Preparation for important commitments after the next flight can be completed through Internet connections and reliable cell phone signals within the lounge area.

Healthy Environment

Experienced travelers know that healthy habits prevent disease and illnesses that can occur when one encounters too many people in enclosed spaces. The VIP Lounge plays an important role for the road warrior. Access to the lounge reduces the fatigue associated with multiple flights within the same 24-hour period. Comfort is the primary emphasis in these beautifully designed areas that are tucked away from the hustle and bustle of airport activity.

Productive Setting

Snacks and beverages are available in the VIP Lounge where Priority Pass members might spend significant time because of weather delays, flight cancellations or mechanical failure on a plane. Productive time will replace idle time in a gate waiting area where no one is ever comfortable. Meetings will not be missed even if the traveler is unable to reach the destination on time. Conference areas allow groups to meet together without interruption. Priority Pass members are allowed to bring one guest into the VIP Lounge. Details concerning these practices vary between locations.

As a Priority Pass member, the traveler will arrive prepared for business commitments, vacation fun or the family waiting at home. Travel stress melts away for people who enter the door of the VIP lounge and leave travel worries behind.

The Benefits of the Medifast Plan for Effective Weight Loss

medifastFor people who are looking for a way to lose weight effectively and keep it off, the Medifast program should not be overlooked. As part of the program, a person will eat portion-controlled, low-fat meals. When compared to traditional diet plans, the Medifast plan tends to be more effective.

Effective Weight Loss

When a person starts the program, he or she will be given Medifast Meals, which usually come in individual packets. These meals are mixed with water and then either refrigerated or microwaved. From soups to hot beverages to deserts to stews, there are many meals to choose from, meaning a person is more likely to find foods that he or she enjoys eating, which contributes to the plan being more effective.

There have been numerous controlled studies carried out in relation to the Medifast program, and all of them have concluded that Medifast is completely safe. When a person starts the Medifast Meals, he or she can expect to lose two to five pounds the first two weeks, with additional weight loss equaling out to about one to two pounds for each week thereafter.

It is important that a person not only measure his or her weight when using Medifast as a form of effective weight loss. It’s also important to measure inches loss, as this is the true determining factor in how well Medifast is working.

There are no harmful herbs or additives in Medifast. In addition, there is no ephedrine. Medifast is completely safe for both male and females; however, before a person under the age of 18 goes on a Medifast weight loss regimen, it is suggested that the child speak with a professional doctor.

Another great thing about Medifast is that the program provides 24/7 online support, making the results more effective for those who choose to take advantage of the program. Additional information about Medifast can be found on the Medifast online website.

Get Great Party Ideas for Kids at Birthday in a Box

bdayYour child’s birthday party can be wildly fun without costing a fortune! Check out these simple party ideas for kids at Birthday In A Box.

Easy Decorations

The first step in planning a great party is choosing the theme! With the wide variety of 150+ themes available at Birthday in a Box, planning a birthday bash is fun and cost-effective. Pick out invitations, decorations and favors for your little birthday girl or boy. From Patriotic to princesses and knights, Birthday in a Box offers pre-arranged decorations. Themes include popular licensed characters, like Belle, Tiana, Angry Birds, Batman, Barbie, Dora, Yo Gabba Gabba, Super Mario Bros and more.

Kids’ Party Games

Rather than hiring a clown or renting out a bounce house, get the kids invested in some old-school-style games!

Pass the Parcel -- Wrap up a small favor, like stickers, bubbles or a book, into a box with as many layers as there will be guests. The gift is passed around a circle of children until the music stops and the person holding the package unwraps it. This cycle continues until the last layer is unwrapped and winning child gets the prize!

Relays — From raw eggs on spoons to balloons between the knees, there are plenty of easy ways to hold a challenging relay! Split the guests into two teams and let the games begin!

Memory — Collect 7-10 simple items (shell, rock, hairbrush, etc.) from around your house and set them on a tray. The children get a peek before the tray is covered and one object is removed. The first child who can recognize what object is missing wins and the game starts over (you might want to get extra objects to rotate in for older groups).

Ping Pong Toss — Get several small beach buckets and a few ping pong balls. Fill each bucket with small candies or prizes and set them in a row. One at a time, each child gets a chance to toss a ping pong ball and gets a prize if the ball lands in the bucket.

Your child can have fun with a little planning and a small cost. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the options and prices, simply start your planning and focus on stress-free fun above everything else.

What to Expect from Bamboo Waikiki Hotel by Aqua Resorts

aqua rWhen it comes to visiting Waikiki, there may not be a better place to stay than the Bamboo Waikiki Hotel by Aqua Resorts. Guests visiting this location will find it to be warm and welcoming, with modern features and amenities. Guests will explore the local area easily, with beautiful gardens and beaches nearby.

Consider the Amenities

When choosing a hotel to stay at while visiting the island, visitors will find many of the amenities and features they need at the Bamboo Waikiki Hotel by Aqua Resorts. Some of those features include:

* Signature boutiques onsite
* Lobby refreshments for guests
* Wifi onsite for all needs
* Tropical Oasis, a garden sanctuary that’s onsite and hidden from the urban surroundings
* Sundecks
* Refreshing saltwater pools
* Dining at Lovin’ Oven
* Complimentary snacks

Additional key features offered at this hotel include free coffee and tea, free daily newspapers, and a 24-hour front desk to meet the needs of guests. Additionally, the facility offers a barbecue grill, coin operated laundry facilities, covered parking, dry cleaning onsite, and daily room cleaning.

Attractions and the Area

One of the key benefits of this particular hotel is its proximity to area attractions and local amenities. This includes local shopping destinations and beaches. Individuals are only a few minutes from everything that Waikiki has to offer, of course. There is a strong nightlife present here as well, providing access to some of the best in clubs, dancing, and bars. Local attractions near to the hotel include:

* Oahu’s botanical gardens
* Historic plantations
* Butterfly gardens
* Pearl Harbor
* Historical museums and sites
* Family friendly parks
* Climbing areas

For those people who are visiting the region Oahu, staying at the Bamboo Waikiki Hotel by Aqua Resorts is often the ideal choice. With a range of amenities right for couples as well as families, the spacious hotel and guest rooms are an ideal choice in the area. For many reasons, this is the ideal choice for those who want a cultural romantic, or a memorable experience.

Show Off your Style with Custom Envelopes

envelopesAn envelope is one of the items in life that inherently creates a first impression. The first item you see when you receive a piece of mail is the outer packaging. If it expresses the sender’s personal style, it can make an impact far beyond the time or financial investment used in its creation. offers printing services of all types for your next important event or occasion.

Use Paper the Stock to Send a Message

For business marketing, personal stationary, or an event, such as a birthday party invitation, an envelope will promote your communication success. Several custom envelopes‘ techniques have been proven successful, such as, an envelope stock that compliments your style or marketing project. A delicate stock will convey elegance and a hardy weight will communicate a direct message and strong purpose.

Make an Impression with Decorative Add-ons

Add-ons, such as a Peel & Seel closure, die-cutting and embossing are also available, which enhance a design and earn appreciation due to the additional time and monetary investment involved in its design.

Choose One of the Many Envelope Shapes, Sizes and Styles

Envelope styles include a commercial envelope with a window for an address, a square shape, a translucent material, and a large “perfect window” that displays one side of an envelope’s contents.

The custom envelopes can also be made in a custom weight, texture and material, such as felt, linen or recycled.

Tips to Help you Successfully Create a Custom Envelope:

Find an envelope supplier, such as, that will answer questions and help you develop the planning, pricing, design and final overall result.

For a commercial mailing, select an envelope color that will contrast sufficiently with the address ink so that the automated postal reader can register the text.

Creating a custom envelope can take time. Depending on the complexity of the design, allow a few weeks or longer from initiating the printing to the final delivery.

If the graphics and print techniques are simple, a stock envelope can be used, which would reduce the time needed to create it and the cost.

Order a sample of your custom envelopes after the final design and specifications are submitted and before the printing to ensure the final version will meet your expectations.

All Kinds of Great Cakes from the Paula Deen Store

pdWhen it comes to good food, no one knows their stuff better than Paula Deen. From great cakes to high-quality cookware to stellar customer service, the Paula Deen Store is the place to go. Fortunately, the Paula Deen Store can be accessed either in person or online. No matter the place, no matter the time, a Paula Deen cake can always be ordered.

When ordering Paula Deen cakes online, it’s important to remember that the cakes are perishable. Cakes are only shipped on Mondays and Tuesdays. If a person orders a cake from the Paula Deen Store on a Monday or Tuesday, it will ship the same day. If, however, a cake is ordered Wednesday through Sunday, it won’t ship until the following Monday.

Things change from time to time at the Paula Deen Store and new cakes are sometimes added to the list of available items, but as for right now, the great cakes at the Paula Deen Store are the:

- 2.1-lb. Coconut Chocolate Chip Gooey Cake
– 2.1-lb. Double Chocolate Gooey Cake
– Pecan Pie
– 3.2-lb. Coconut Cake
– 2.1-lb. Pumpkin Gooey Cake
– 2.1-lb. Peanut butter Chocolate Gooey Cake
– 2.1-lb. Coconut Gooey Butter Cake

Each cake is delightfully tasteful and fulfilling. No matter the occasion–Thanksgiving, birthday, anniversary–a cake from the Paula Deen Store is a perfect fit.

Best of all, the cakes are not overly expensive. The most expensive one is of course the 3.2-lb. coconut cake and it’s only $39.95. Three pounds of cake can easily feed more than 15 people.

All cakes are moist, and most people who eat them testify that they literally melt in their mouths. The cakes always arrive in perfect condition or a person can receive money back. If someone doesn’t like the taste of a cake, it’s a good idea to contact the customer support at the Paula Deen Store, either online or in person, and a deal can be worked out. Paula Deen understands that customer service goes a long way in keeping her customers happy.

A Look at Kids Designer Clothing for the Spring by Hartstrings

sKids designer clothing for the spring by Hartstrings has a classic, enduring style that children and their parents are sure to enjoy. Following is a sampling of what parents can expect from this clothing line this year.

Girl’s Styles:

- Flowers are in style for dresses, shorts, shrugs and bathing suits.
- Bows of various sizes are in style. These can be various colors and look good on pants, shorts, t-shirts and bathing suits.
- White is the color of choice for many of Hartstrings’ spring clothing items for girls, as is red, blue, black, purple and light pink.
- Parents may be surprised to find that many girls’ clothing items are quite simple in style; in fact, many shirts, pants, shorts, skirts and dresses are solid in color with only a few simple designs.

Boy’s Styles

- The semi-formal look is in; in fact, many of Hartstrings’ boys clothing items would not look out of place being worn by an adult male.
- Stripes, plaid prints and solid colors are in.
- Colors of choice for boys this year include white, light blue, dark blue, red and gray.

How to Choose Spring Clothes for Children

While Hartstrings’ entire Spring 2014 clothing line for children is certainly eye-catching, parents are likely to find that certain clothing items look better on their child than others. Factors to bear in mind when choosing clothing for children include the child’s height, weight, complexion, eye color and hair color. Older children who have developed their own sense of style may appreciate the opportunity to choose some of their own clothing items.

Kids Designer Clothing for the spring by Hartstrings has much to offer and parents who purchase clothing items from this line will not regret it. The clothes are not only stylish and good looking but also made using high quality materials and workmanship. Parents simply need to assess which exact items would be most suitable for their children and then enjoy providing them with the very best.

Not All Radio Controlled Boats are Created Equal

hobbyRadio controlled boats are fun outdoor activities that can provide hours of enjoyment for all ages. Make some waves exploring a marsh, lake or pond without even getting your feet wet. These hobby boats come with many different features, but there are some things to be on the outlook for before purchasing one.


The first thing to consider is how you want to use the remote control boat. If you’re the competitive type, speed is likely important. Racing boats can grace the water from 25 miles per hour to over 60 miles per hour. If you’re just a hobbyist, 10 to 25 miles an hour is a good speed range. Range capabilities vary from one type of boat to another and affect the boat’s functionality. It’s smart to consider how far out in the water you want to be able to control the boat. The remote control range of boats typically varies from 50 to 1,200 feet.


Consider the design accuracy. If you prefer a model boat, a basic boat without details like steering wheel and seats will likely not be a good choice for you. For racers, a streamlined designed offer less wind resistance for more speed. While bright colors are aesthetic, it could also prevent you from losing sight of the boat in a race or at a far distance from shore.

Some radio controlled boats feature extra perks like the ability to upgrade a motor or attached a line for fishing. Fishing poles attach to the back of the boat. When the fish nibbles, the line automatically detaches, and you can reel in a catch for the day. For young children, there are safety features that prevent the propellers from spinning when out of water.

Accessories and Supplies

When looking for radio controlled boats, be sure to consider accessories and supplies included for the best value. Some include batteries and transmitter for both the handheld controller and the boat. Other great extras include additional boat decals, extra propellers and a display stand for both showcasing and storage.

Get the latest in RC hobbies at Hobbytron.

Tips for Picking Out the Best Pieces in the Signature Collection by Effy Jewelry

effyYou can never know too much about jewelry. Keeping yourself updated on today’s latest fashions and signature collections is always a good thing. You don’t want to buy a piece of jewelry only to find in the end that it’s not what you expected. Because of this, you need to keep in mind some helpful tips for picking out the best pieces of jewelry. This is especially true when you go about picking out pieces from the signature collection by Effy Jewelry.

Tip #1: Decide What You Want

The first tip you should follow when choosing pieces of jewelry from the signature collection by Effy Jewelry is deciding what type and color of stones that you want. Your most preferable types will determine the pieces you should invest in.

Tip #2: Decide the Color that You Want

Jewelry is predominantly available in two different colors: silver or gold. If you prefer gold, then this means you will want to invest in jewelry that is made of yellow gold. If you prefer silver, you can either invest in actual silver jewelry or white gold. Both colors give the same effect.

Tip #3: Decide the Size that You Need

If you’re buying a ring from the Effy Signature Collection, you need to identify the size that fits you. You don’t want to end up with a ring that’s too large or too small. If you do, you’ll have to send it back.

Tip #4: Keep in Mind Preferences

If you’re buying a piece of jewelry from the Effy Signature Collection for your loved one without him or her knowing, you will definitely benefit from taking into consideration his or her preferences. For example, if your loved one hates wearing bracelets, then it’s best not to invest in this type of jewelry. If, on the other hand, you know that your loved one really likes wearing rings, you will do well to buy a high-quality ring from the Effy Signature Collection.

Tip #5: Buy the Whole Set

When you buy your loved one a piece of jewelry from the Effy Signature Collection, it’s always a good idea to invest in the whole set. From earrings to necklaces to rings and bracelets, your loved one will know you truly care when you buy him or her the whole set.

Stylish and Comfortable Outdoor Dining Chairs by Red Star Traders

ed starRelax and dine in both style and comfort in the backyard with the stellar collection of outdoor dining chairs manufactured by Red Star Traders. From classic and contemporary to tropical and Euro-inspired, Red Star Traders offers outdoor dining chairs in a wide array of chic styles to create a fashionable-outdoor setting. Impress guests with a flair of style as clean and sophisticated outdoor dining chairs surround a table or are scattered on the patio or deck. Outdoor dining sets like the Zen are sure to make a style statement. The chairs feature a rich espresso woven rattan frame with large symmetrical block-shaped legs. Even add a splash of color to the chairs from a selection of Red Star Traders weather-resistant cushions with trendy shades like cocoa, mint green and sea blue. With Red Star Traders outdoor dining chairs, the outdoors are transformed into an idyllic retreat.

Designed for Ultimate Comfort

Red Star Traders is well-known for its chairs designed with technical innovation and ergonomic comfort. Indulge in dining alfresco on the patio in elegant French provincial chairs with well-proportioned arm rests, back height and thick cushions for extra comfort. Sink into ultimate comfort in chairs designed with body-contoured aluminum frames. Add to a dining set with handsome classic club chairs and posh cushions, ottomans and nesting tables for casual dining. For the environmentally conscious, Red Star Traders also offers eco-friendly rattan bistro sets with folding chairs. With Red Star Traders convenient foldable outdoor dining chairs, easily transition a backyard picnic to a tailgating event with included rolling storage carts.

Made to Last

Not only are Red Star Traders outdoor furniture products stylish and cozy, but they are engineered to maintain their good looks for years to come. Frames are powder-coated to conquer the elements and to prevent rusting and scratching. The aluminum frames are sturdy to withstand years of use. Cushions are UV, fade and weather resistant. Year after year, the Red Star Traders outdoor dining chairs keep a brand new and stylish look.

Neat Ways to Display Dipped Strawberries at Your Next Party

sahrisIf you are serving chocolate dipped strawberries at your next party for an appetizer, dessert or buffet, use creativity to make your display unique. Remember that strawberries dipped in chocolate stay at their optimum freshness for only a few hours, therefore if you know that they will be out on the serving table for more than an hour or two, place a shallow tray filled with ice beneath the serving tray of berries. The ice-filled tray will keep your delicate strawberries fresh for several hours.

Display Suggestions

• Most strawberries are dipped with the decorative chocolate covering the pointed end which means that the berries will stand up on the flat end. With that in mind, you can create shaped designs in the theme of your celebration. For instance, a Valentine’s Day display could have the tray of berries placed in a heart shape. For best visibility, place the berries on a light-colored tray for color contrast.

• A fun idea for the winter holidays is to get a small tiered tray. When it is filled up with Shari’s Berries, it will look like a dipped-strawberry Christmas tree.

• For a more elegant look, create a swirled design in melted chocolate or chocolate syrup on the tray before displaying your berries. Match your chocolate swirl to the chocolate on the berries for the best presentation.

• Since berries will bleed juice while they are plated, it is best to place berries directly on the tray without paper doilies. However, you can put doilies, confetti or other paper decorations under and around the tray on the table. This creates a festive look without a big mess. Confetti is available in an endless array of shapes and colors.

• Construct your own centerpiece for the strawberry tray before you add the berries. Take a small plastic Tupperware bowl, add water and freeze it. Cover the bowl and flip it upside down, placing it in the center of your tray. Then put your centerpiece on top of the bowl of ice. For instance, a mortarboard centerpiece would be appropriate for graduation. Then fill the tray with your dipped strawberries.

Are Smoothies Healthy? Here Are Some Pointers

smoothieYes, they can be. You just have to use the right ingredients. If you are trying to lose weight, using a lot of carb-heavy of saturated fat ingredients won’t help you. Fresh fruit, non-fat yogurt, and whey protein are excellent choices for the smoothie enthusiast who wants to shed a few pounds. Here are a couple of ideas for making the perfect smoothies to meet your goals:

Fruit and Protein Mixes

There’s nothing like the combination of Bananas and whey protein to get you going. This yummy mix is both healthy and helps you reach your daily intake of fruits. Combine whey protein (helps to burn fat), bananas (or the fruit of your choice), milk, and non-fat yogurt to the bender. Pulse just enough to blend the banana or other fruit, especially if you want to have nice, pulpy chunks in your smoothie. Try vanilla yogurt to enhance the flavor.

Nut Butter and Berry Mixes

Nut butters like almond and cashew add a fantastic flavor to a berry smoothie. Peanut butter is great also, just use natural peanut butter. Try different combinations — strawberries and almond butter mixed with vanilla yogurt and a little milk, or maybe blueberries and raspberries mixed with cashew butter. The choices are endless and scrumptious.

Nuts N’ Honey

The simple taste of almond butter, vanilla yogurt, milk, and a little bit of honey is enough to convert any smoothie naysayer. Easy to make and gone before you know it.

Power Smoothie

This almost seems like an oxymoron, but it isn’t. There is such a thing as a power smoothie and they are great to have 30 minutes before physical exertion. Whey protein, a little milk, and non-fat yogurt mixed together does the trick in a big way. You’ll have more energy for your workout than you expect.

So, to answer your question: are smoothies healthy? Yes, they are. Smoothies should be called a super food. They are easy to make, fill you up without lots of fatty ingredients, and taste great. There’s nothing better to eat right before working out because it keeps you light on your toes without making your stomach feel heavy. Smoothies also offer a way to get the whole family in on the act. Cold, creamy, and sweet… what’s not to like?

Tips for Buying Swarovski Rhinestones

swarThe selection of Swarovski rhinestones allows a person to add beauty and value to his or her jewelry collection. These rhinestones offer a range of benefits, including beautiful sparkle and incredible dimension. The selection of any of these pieces, though, should be made carefully to ensure the value is present. A few tips can help buyers to ensure the right product is purchased each time.

Use Reliable Providers

The most important step in purchasing Swarovski rhinestones is purchasing from a reliable, reputable seller. A variety of fake products exist, including many labeled with the Swarovski name brand. Unfortunately, these items may be beautiful and look very much like the authentic pieces, making it hard to pinpoint the exact authenticity of the item. For this reason, buyers need to buy from a reputable retailer, one that they can verify as selling Swarovski rhinestones officially.

Verification of the Piece

In most cases, it is possible to verify the authenticity of the piece by looking at it carefully. These items carry the logo on the piece, though it can be very small and hard to find. With a magnifying glass, it is possible to locate these. Any reputable seller will encourage individuals to look for the logo.

Working with Designers

Another important step in these purchases is the versatility of the seller. In some situations, individuals can work alongside desires to use these rhinestones in various ways. Not all sellers offer this type of benefit, but designers can help to make basic gems into something more meaningful for the buyer. This does increase the costs of these gems as well.

Why Buy These Stones?

A variety of gems are available for purchase. However, the particular brand name is known for its high quality. The company, based in Austria, produces luxury cut lead glass. The company is particularly known for its craftsmanship of small sculptures and miniatures in crystal, a task that is not easily performed well. Nevertheless, the value of these rhinestones stems from the product’s beautiful detailing. It is well worth the investment when an authentic piece is purchased and used properly.

Top Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Motorcycle

egaPeople who buy electric motorcycles may or may not be owners of a regular combustion motorcycle. Just because a person is interested in an electric motorcycle doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she should have prior experience riding a traditional motorcycle.

Some people don’t understand the benefits of investing in an electric motorcycle, and because of this, it’s important to identify the advantages and take them into consideration when buying this type of bike.

Yes, it’s true that electric motorcycles can’t go very far without having to be plugged in and recharged; however, for people who have a short commute to and from work, this type of transportation can be very cost efficient.

When choosing to ride this type of motorcycle back and forth to work, it is important that while it’s sitting in the parking lot at work that it be plugged in; this is something that needs to be taken into consideration. If there is no electric outlet to plug it in, then it’s not a good idea to drive it to work.

For people who have lots of stuff that they need to pack around when traveling, an electric motorcycle is not a wise investment. This type of transportation provides literally no storage whatsoever. In fact, the only thing that can be toted around on this type of ride is whatever a person wants to wear in a backpack.

An electric motorcycle can save a person a lot of money in gas. In fact, it only costs about $5 a month to charge an electric motorcycle and it can travel about 25 miles in one trip without having to be charged. A regular motorcycle would end up costing a person anywhere from $20 to $40 a month to gas up and go 15 miles back and forth to work every day.

No matter the type of electric motorcycle a person chooses to invest in, it’s always best to buy one new as well as one that comes with a warranty.

Check out Mega Motor Madness for deals on electric motorcycles today.

RingCentral — a game changer in the Virtual Receptionist Industry

ringThe world of business has changed. Businesses no longer seek the biggest, most contemporary looking buildings to call home. Many businesses are looking for ways to reduce costs and overhead is a great place to start. Instead of setting up in an office building with lots of glass and chrome, many companies have chosen to have remote teams and virtual interactions. They use tools that allow for video conferencing and multiple line calls. Companies rent a smaller space to accommodate those who must be onsite to physically manage certain aspects of the business. As a result, many employees don’t have a desk in their home office. Indeed, many employees never see the inside of an office building at all.

That’s where RingCentral comes in.

The days when a receptionist greeted guests that entered the office are gone since meeting dynamics have changed, but there is still a need for someone to answer the phones in a professional manner. RingCentral provides that service and so much more. They provide more than just a virtual receptionist service that is available to intercept incoming calls. RingCentral is a comprehensive phone suite with packages that make business operations run smoother. RingCentral’s options include:

- The ability to manage and access phone lines from anywhere.
- Consolidates tools so that only one source for fax, phone, text, and conferencing is needed.
- Integration with current cloud configurations

RingCentral’s platform is:

Easy To Use
The phones are Plug and Ring, which means they are pre-configured and ready to go out of the box. Users can create their own settings as well.

RingCentral allows for companies to consolidate their efforts into one system — a system that is less complicated than traditional PBX installations. This reduces the need for multiple phone numbers, which in turn, brings down overall costs. RingCentral is also able to scale with a company’s growth.

RingCentral changes the way companies do business, freeing physical constraints and allowing operation to run they way they need to – mobile or otherwise. With a free trial, less ownership requirements, and predictable monthly costs, RingCentral brings modern practices to the changing business world.

Spring Break Swimsuit Style with Ujena Swimwear

ujenaSpring break destinations – Cabo, the Bahamas, Miami – are known for their great pools and beaches, which in turn mean a lot of swimming. Whether spring breakers are catching waves or rays, there’s no denying that seeing and being seen is also a huge part of this annual vacation rite for those partying it up before school starts up again. Having the same swimsuit, day after day? That could wind up being a major fashion don’t! With Ujena, a stylish swimmer has her pick of cuts, styles, colors and patterns, ensuring she’ll have a few suits to change out and keep her look fresh.

A Fantastic Fit

Actively swimming in the ocean or pool means wearing a suit that can take a little aquatic exercise, and women with a larger bust size might feel more comfortable in a halter style that will stay put when the tides don’t. Ujena Swimwear offers both tie and halter bikinis and tankinis for sexy security in any waters. One piece options also work to slim and trim so that wearers won’t have to stress over their tummies while they’re mingling with the party crowd.

A Complete Look

Drying off doesn’t have to mean compromising sleek swimsuit fashion when a stellar suit meets Ujena Swimwear’s beautiful coverups. Light and breezy, they keep a swimmer looking her best even hours after coming out of the water to socialize. For the dinner-and-dancing lovers, Ujena’s simple and fashionable curve-hugging dresses are easy to pack and keep a busy vacationer looking her best.

Fashion Forward

In addition to being made in the US, Ujena Swimwear gives shoppers a huge array of choices when it comes to picking out their favorite patterns and colors. Mix and match tops, company-exclusive one piece suits and bikinis and an innovative “design your own” swimsuit feature make them the best store for eager Spring Breakers. A size assurance program even allows wearers that may gain or lose weight after heading back to school to trade in their suit for a different size – up to a year later!

With these benefits, it’s little wonder that swimsuit shoppers are flocking to Ujena’s website as the weather warms up. Whether surf’s up or a little poolside tan is in order, this American swimsuit manufacturer has ladies covered.

Getting the Most Out of Dragon Speech Recognition

dragonNuance’s Dragon Speech Recognition software lets users command their computer or transcribe their speech through a simple microphone. Dragon Speech Recognition is commonly used by transcriptionists, writers and those that simply prefer controlling their computer through the use of voice directions. With Dragon Speech Recognition, users can direct your computer to open programs, click on buttons, save documents and more. Users can also work directly in popular software systems like Microsoft Word and can transcribe speech into any text box.

Training Dragon to Recognize Recognize a Voice

Everyone’s voice is different, and certain pitches of voice or accents may be difficult for Dragon to understand. For that reason, Dragon comes with a special learning system. To train Dragon to recognize their voice, a user can read long volumes of texts to Dragon — but there’s also more. Users can also load emails and documents in Dragon and Dragon will learn how they write, and thus the phrases that they would commonly use when they talk.

Learning to Speak for Dragon

Of course, having Dragon learn to recognize speech can only go so far. Those that are seeking to truly get the most out of Dragon will also need to learn how to speak for the program. Speech should be extremely distinct, but not too slow. Each word should be pronounced carefully and fully, and the user will need to get into the habit of specifying any irregular punctuation that they want to use. The user will also need to learn specific commands that Dragon follows. Dragon can parse language such as “delete that” or “move cursor up,” but there are only specific commands that Dragon recognizes. Learning to use these commands quickly and effectively — sometimes in tandem with a keyboard or mouse — is essential to getting the most out of the Dragon system.

The Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition software suite is one of the most advanced voice recognition solutions available today. Though it does take some effort to learn, many have found that it can greatly increase their productivity.