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The merchants in our children’s books and periodicals category are a great place to look when you have a young school age child who is starting to read. As you already know learning doesn’t just start and stop when your child is in school. You can be a great asset to your child by encouraging more reading at home. Our merchants have programs that will help your children learn to read better while engaging them with attention grabbing stories, pictures, and in some cases, small trinkets that come with the program. Another program may be just what your child needs to catch up or even advance in both reading and spelling. Take a look at what our trusted reviewers have to say and spend some time looking through these awesome offers.

Little Passports For Kids
based on 95 reviews

Little Passports offers neat and innovative tools for teaching Geography For Kids.

ClickN Kids Reading & Spelling
based on 42 reviews

With ClickN Kids Reading & Spelling your children will learn to read and spell the fun way. Don't let your kids be discouraged by a lower than average reading level. ClickN Kids Reading & Spelling will build confidence. 60 day money back guarantee.