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After 30 years of hard work, 4WD Hardware is rising to the top of the Jeep and SUV auto parts industry as a reputable parts provider. Born from a passion for Jeep off-roading and racing, 4 Wheel Drive Hardware incorporates both an expertise as well as a passion into their work, forging their online empire into more than just a store. Tom Kennedy, founder and owner of 4 Wheel Drive Hardware, had more in mind, like the Jeep clubs, the Jeep Forum, and all of the special deals that 4WD features to help people with their Jeep and SUV auto parts needs. Tom put in the hard work needed to build sturdy legs for his company by relentlessly studying the market and other providers to hone his own specialty in SUV auto parts. Since the acquisition by TransAmerican Auto Parts in 2006, 4WD has grown even more to offer the products and services that they do now.

4WD was designed to offer auto parts for every fathomable need of Jeep and SUV owners. As such, they house parts for the interior, exterior, drivetrain, engine, and more to fully encompass these repair and replacement needs. In addition to repairs even, 4WD offers major discounts such as “Buy 3 Get 1 Free” deals on tires, heavily discounted or free shipping, and weekly promotions.

4 Wheel Drive also serves as a marketplace for Jeep and SUV owners to share their stories and their passion in the Jeep Clubs and the Jeep Forum. The forum is open to all Jeep and SUV-related topics, such as the best repair parts and methods to make and model-specific forums. 4 Wheel Drive intentionally set up their auto parts business in this way to help Jeep and SUV lovers grow in their passion in the company of friends.

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