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When you purchase a gift for yourself or for someone else, it is not often that you have the opportunity to let your money do double duty. The next time you shop for a gift for someone, you can help support a cause that has meaning to you and the recipient of your gift. The store at Autism Speaks has been put in place for people who want to help raise public awareness for those afflicted by Autism. Shopping through the website is an easy way to give a contribution to a worthwhile organization, and the variety of products in the store makes it possible to find something enjoyable for anyone on your gift list.

The diverse selection of products available at the Autism Speaks store ranges from logo hats, shirts, and jackets to unique gifts like golf balls, jewelry and teddy bears. The store has an entire department dedicated to gear for those who attend the many walks that are held worldwide to support awareness and fund research. Around the holidays, shoppers can find a number of seasonal items that have the Autism Speaks logo and signature puzzle piece: Christmas tree decorations, gift wrapping paper and Christmas cards are just few of the holiday products available for purchase at the Autism Speaks store.

Founded in 2005 by the grandparents of an afflicted child, Autism Speaks has become the world's leading autism research and advocacy group. The organization funds scientific research into the treatment, causes, prevention and cure of autism. Autism Speaks also strives to increase the awareness of the condition. The organization does not stop at advocating for those with autism, it also works with families and educators. Approximately 40 percent of every purchase that is made at the Autism Speaks store is donated to the organization. Depending on the item, the percentage of the donation can be higher. All the money sent to the organization goes toward the search for a cure, research for effective treatment, and supportive information, tools and resources for those afflicted by autism and their families. Shoppers can feel secure in the knowledge that their purchase makes a difference.

Before you shop anywhere else, head over to the store at Autism Speaks. Take the opportunity to buy a present that your recipient will appreciate for more than one reason. With one purchase you can give a gift, raise awareness for autism, and fund research for the cause and effective treatment.

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