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Years ago, it may have been a wise financial move to sock away earnings into a savings account and watch it accrue interest. However, those days have are gone, and money sitting in a savings account is eliminating extra income. Getting into the stock market, trading stocks, and buying into funds does not have to be an expensive and overwhelming process. A prominent leader in a crowded field of online stock trading brokers, E*TRADE has consistently won five-star ratings for trading tools, research and customer service. With E*TRADE, individual investors can let their money work for them through an easy to use online brokerage with very competitive pricing.

E*TRADE offers extensive services for both the investor who wants to take a position and hold it for a certain amount of time and the trader who is active on the market daily. The full array of tools that are offered to help generate profits includes:

- Free independent research on all relevant financial areas that include US and global markets, quotes, news, charts, stocks, options, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, futures, Forex, cash management, and other investing insights.

- Unlike most other online brokerages, E*TRADE offers a full scope of financial planning with live financial advisers that are always available for consultation.

- Traders have access to live stock charting and screening tools, advanced analytic tools and real time stock quotes.

- For investors E*TRADE offers full account management along with portfolio and risk analysis that can be performed on current positions.

- The education opportunities on E*TRADE are available for traders and investors at every level. Clients have access to free market commentary from E*TRADE analysts, live web seminars that can be viewed later on demand, three minute educational videos on a variety of topics, and interactive tutorials and demos.

Whether you want to actively trade or invest, if you are ready to take your financial future into your own hands head over to E*TRADE today. Learn more about your financial options, get expert advice, and start reaping rewards from your money working for you.

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