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As the Internet expands its global enterprise to encompass entrepreneurs, several providers have emerged to encourage seamless start-ups for all. This has created a major incentive for online entrepreneurs to take the alternative to brick-and-mortar businesses, as online businesses usually involve less down cost, less staff, and more accessibility to prospective customers. Of course, Internet businesspeople still have to balance an efficient and effective marketing campaign, budgeting, networking, product distribution and site maintenance. None of this is possible without first establishing a place of business. This is where web site hosting providers come in: they bring the “store” to the storeowner, hence the appeal of this rapidly growing frontier.

Web site hosting is the leasing of server space by Internet hosting services to entities that wish to create their own website. There are many different kinds of web site hosting services that cater to specific needs. Free hosting uses advertising space to offer their services, which are often limited compared to paid hosting. Dedicated hosting allows much more exclusivity, granting users their own server and administrative rights over it.

Today, there are dozens of web hosting services that offer server space for just a few dollars a month, although not all of them are created equal. HostGator, for example offers web hosting for as low as $4.95 a month, with a number of free tools such as a sitebuilder, unlimited disk space, and unlimited bandwidth to help online entrepreneurs not only maintain a place of business, but create one. Strong web hosting services such as these help us determine what to look for in a web hosting provider: affordability, free tools, and capacity.

After connecting with a reputable web site hosting service such as HostGator, webmasters are much better able to embark on their journey in Internet entrepreneurship.

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