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Playing pool with a group of friends is a fun and relaxing indoor activity that people of all ages have been enjoying for centuries. If you are a player or someone who wants to get into the game, PoolDawg is where you can go to for all of your pool playing needs.

PoolDawg sells every pool playing accessory that you would expect from a store that prides itself on being the pool player's best friend. As an authorized retailer with over 50 brands, PoolDawg offers an inventory of over 3 thousand billiards accessories, pool cue cases and pool cues. With its huge variety, this is the store that will have any pool accessory you are looking for and then some. Shoppers will find pool cues and cases, tools and accessories, and even the pool tables to play on here. Although the main focus of the store is pool, there is also an entire section of the store devoted to a variety of other games. Darts, ping pong and poker are all included in the Game Room section.

What makes the store a resource for players and fans of the game is that it goes far beyond selling products to customers. PoolDawg cares about its customers. The people running the store know that it takes more than just low prices and a large inventory to keep shoppers coming back. All PoolDawg employees are players and fans of the game. The customer service team is not outsourced to a call center, and you will not find generic online support. When you call PoolDawg during business hours, you will always reach a person who knows the game and wants to help. In fact, PoolDawg has a page on the website dedicated to introducing customers to the employees who make the store special. Along with the stellar customer service, enormous product inventory, and low prices, shoppers can also find unsolicited product reviews from other customers. Getting real life experiences from other people is just as useful as hearing what the professionals have to say. Customers help each other learn about the products from a home perspective.

If you are a pool player or shopping for one, check out what PoolDawg has to offer today. Shipping is fast and free when you spend more than 99 dollars, and you can feel safe knowing that every purchase is covered with the 60 day no hassle guarantee.

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