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Birthday in a Box
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Planning a children's birthday party can be fun, but all too often, it becomes serious business, if only because you love your children so much and want to see them as happy as can be. You understand if it is not just right, it can be a real downer. Some of the easiest and most successful birthday party ideas are those that are already prepared for you. If your child is especially fond of a particular theme, you can order a complete set of party supplies around that theme from Birthday in a Box. Birthday in a Box has put together a great collection of birthday party ideas for any taste.

About Birthday in a Box
Birthday in a Box first set up shop back in 1996. Since that time, it has always been their goal to make it easy for parents to put together a fun and exciting birthday party for their children. They not only wanted to make their party supplies fun and engaging, but to make them affordable and educational.

Birthday in a box takes a lot of the time and effort out of planning a birthday party. The party supplies can be customized for any type of party, and they can be set up at virtually any location. The birthday party ideas and supplies you will receive will create an event that both you and your children will remember for a lifetime.

Birthday in a Box Party Supplies
Birthday in a Box has over 100 themed birthday party ideas and all the supplies necessary to bring the party to life. The supplies are recommended for children ages 1 to 12 and come in a minimum 8-person set. If you have more guests, you can upgrade as needed. You also have the choice of ordering a complete themed set or choosing items from the set a la carte. Some of the items available for each set include the following:
• Tableware
• Ribbons and streamers
• Birthday candles
• Party favors
• Invitations and Thank you notes

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