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As thousands of frustrated people have experienced, monotonous fitness programs come with a number of preventable problems. First, most people join a gym to start their fitness regiment, and must endure the cost, the commute, and the competition. Next, incorporating little or no variation into a workout over time encourages the plateau effect; when muscle growth and tone stagnates for lack of any new and challenging stimulus. P90X addresses both of these major problems with its revolutionary home exercise program. Using a diverse array of total body workouts, nutrition plans, supplementation, and support, P90X harnesses the power of muscle confusion to burst through plateaus and reinvigorate fitness programs.

P90X is a 90-day program that incorporates 12 workouts to “confuse” the body into accelerated muscle growth and definition. This program only requires a television, a few yards of free space, some free weights, and resistance bands if possible. Using that equipment, the 12 highly dimensional exercises not only emphasize the entire body, but they target the different kinds of muscle fibers as well to holistically and dramatically improve your fitness level. The exercises include strength and toning workouts for the chest and back, biceps, abs, shoulders, and legs, as well as plyometrics, yoga, kenpo, and cardio routines. Tony Horton, the trainer, provides proper instruction and motivation throughout the fitness programs so that you are truly transformed on day 90.

Much more than just a few exercises on a DVD, P90X comes with online support, nutrition guidelines, supplementation guidelines, a P90X calendar, and much more. The fitness guide ensures that you track your progress and stay on target for your goal. Payment plans are available as well as a one-time payment option. After making the commitment to P90X, you are just months away from achieving results and days away from seeing them.

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