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If you bought a timeshare based on the promise that you could do a time share exchange through Interval International to turn your week in Hawaii into a vacation in New York, and had trouble doing it, you need to visit The Time Share Expert. This site offers a Time Share Bible which teaches you how to use your time share exchange program to maximize your exchange opportunities and vacation all over the world.

Most timeshare salespeople know how to take you through a model and sell you a time share. Even if they know how to maximize a time share exchange program, they do not have time to teach you. As such, if you are like most people, you have trouble exchanging your unit and usually, at best, get a sub-optimal trade.

People in the know, though,know how to turn their time share into the perfect unit in the perfect place at the perfect time. The Time Share Expert teaches you his secrets to maximize your time share exchange program. In fact, the site is loaded with testimonials of people who turned run-of-the-mill timeshare weeks into once in a lifetime dream vacations. This includes turning your week at a regular timeshare into a vacation at a prestigious resort like a Hyatt or Westin.

The Time Share Expert leverages what an 18-year timeshare veteran has learned working in the time share industry. Based on his extensive research with actual timeshare owners, he found out the right strategies to maximize time share exchange opportunities. Unlike other sites which offer general principles, Jeff Pierce teaches you how to turn a green week in Canada into a great week at a great resort in Hawaii. Given that timeshare weeks typically represent an initial investment of thousands of dollars, coupled with hundreds or thousands of dollars of annual maintenance fees, make the most of your investment with The Time Share Expert.

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