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There’s no doubt about it, shoes rank as one of the top fashionable items that men and women both list as being at the top of their list when shopping for must-have clothing items. Whether it is high-tech running shoes to keep your body in balance and safe from injury or a sleek high heel hot off the newest season’s runway collection, designed to make your legs look a mile long and sculpted, our reviewers can help you sort through our designer shoes and footwear merchants. Using these reviews combined with your own personal taste will enable you to select the perfect pair of boots, heels, athletic shoes, and more. In addition, you will find that many of our merchants offer more than just great selections they offer great savings, too.

Gravity Defyer Athletic Shoes
based on 65 reviews

Gravity Defyer manufactures the finest in high quality Trail Running Shoes and Shock Absorbing Shoes. The Gravity Defyer shoe utilizes reverse trampoline technology and biomechanical science to give every wearer a host of benefits that keep them moving effortlessly while looking great.