Instrument Instruction

It’s a proven fact that anyone who can play an instrument, follow music, sing, or dance well will develop higher levels of math, empathy, and abstract thinking skills. Music and movement in all of its forms stimulates the brain, encourages creativity, builds memory recall skills, and so much more. No matter what age you begin to learn an instrument or pursue a love of song or dance, these activities will enrich your life tremendously. The list of merchants below offering instrument, dance, and vocal lessons, as well as the numerous well-written reviews available, can help you make the decision in what you wish to follow for yourself or which may prove most engaging and meaningful for a young child who shows artistic ability or interest in any of these areas.

Violin Master Pro
based on 27 reviews

Learn from the best. Eric Lewis' program, Violin Master Pro, will teach you the basics & beyond. Perfect for those who are truly passionate about their instrument and want to further progress their playing.

based on 16 reviews

Anyone desiring to improve their vocal singing abilities should look into Singorama. Singorama is the complete guide to get you started on your way to singing like a professional!

Discover The Secrets Of DJ Skills
based on 10 reviews

Earn 5 “MRN Bonus Points” Per Dollar When You Shop Through MyReviewsNow! *Click Here For More Info* Whether in search of wedding party ideas or a teen’s birthday party, a DJ is often one of the first things that come to mind. The best DJs are those that love music, [...]
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Learn Salsa Dance Now
based on 29 reviews

Who else wants to dominate the salsa dance floor, shocking your family and friends,effortlessly having dance partners lined up & drooling to dance with you...

Learn To Play The Guitar
based on 24 reviews

In order to be great at guitar you need several types of skills. When you join Ace Guitar Lessons you get hundreds of online video guitar lessons organized into 7 guitar skill chapters.

Learn the Piano the Practical Way
based on 58 reviews

Rock Star Recipes has been providing piano lessons online for 5 years. Our award winning team is made up of passionate musicians and music teachers, whose purpose in life is to make learning music easier and more accessible.