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Here you will find all of the products and services that fit into the Home Improvement category. This category features retailers who sell home décor, bedding and bath linens, pool supplies, artwork, furniture, mattresses, appliances, and home fixtures. Whatever it is that you need to help make your home look spectacular can be found at one of these retailers. Most of the businesses found on this page are very well-known. However, when it comes to buying anything, it is important to have consumer opinions you can trust. We have a team of experienced and dedicated reviewers who have taken the time to give their honest opinions on the products and services provided by these retailers. The reviewers are all consumers and have made purchases from these retailers, so you can be confident in their opinions.

Pier 1 Imports
based on 19 reviews

Earn 5 “MRN Bonus Points” Per Dollar When You Shop Through MyReviewsNow! *Click Here For More Info* Save up to 50% off on Clearance at pier1.com — CLICK HERE Pier 1 Imports is a global importer of housewares, home furnishings, and decor. What started as a single location in San [...]
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Cuisinart Kitchen Appliances
based on 6 reviews

Earn 2 “MRN Bonus Points” Per Dollar When You Shop Through MyReviewsNow! *Click Here For More Info* The name Cuisinart evokes images of chic kitchen appliances that can be relied on to lend a hand during food prep. Juicers, toasters, blenders, and other counter top appliances are what keep your [...]
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The Paula Deen Store
based on 15 reviews

Earn 2 “MRN Bonus Points” Per Dollar When You Shop Through MyReviewsNow! *Click Here For More Info* You have watched her whip up her signature take on food on television for years. Now you can have access to products that Paula herself endorses to help you cook like her in [...]
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The Rachael Ray Store
based on 22 reviews

Earn 5 “MRN Bonus Points” Per Dollar When You Shop Through MyReviewsNow! *Click Here For More Info* Creating a strong following with her empire that includes the 30 minute meals television cooking show, a number of cookbooks dedicated to 30 minute meals, and her magazines and talk show, Rachael Ray [...]
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Pool Supply World
based on 25 reviews

Pool Supply World Offers A Wide Selection Of Heaters From Top Manufacturers, With Free Shipping! Buy The Best In Indoor/Outdoor Hot Tubs At Pool Supply World Get The Latest In Hayward Pool Products A swimming pool or a spa can be the perfect place to relax, have fun, and enjoy [...]
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Save On Tapestries
based on 11 reviews

Earn 3 “MRN Bonus Points” Per Dollar When You Shop Through MyReviewsNow! *Click Here For More Info* There is nothing more divine than the perfect piece of artwork in your home. When you find great artwork to adorn your walls, you can gain constant inspiration on a daily basis. Just [...]
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Hunter Ceiling Fans
based on 38 reviews

When you walk into a living room, one of the most striking features can be the ceiling fan. A ceiling fan can complement the entire design of a room. The right ceiling fan will accentuate the theme of a living room and home. When you want to find the right [...]
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American Home Shield
based on 43 reviews

American Home Shield is one of the leading providers of Home Warranty Insurance. Home protection plans can help you save thousands of dollars when an appliance breaks or one of your major systems breaks down.

The Home Depot
based on 219 reviews

Summer Is Here! Check Out The Latest Line In High Quality Weber Grills Stay Cool This Summer With The Best In Portable Air Conditioners When it comes to getting the best value, most selection, best service and highest quality in home improvements, there’s one trusted place that more people turn [...]
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Luxury Floral Delivery
based on 67 reviews

Get Online Flower Delivery Today with 1-800-Florals

Half Priced Drapes
based on 11 reviews

Half Priced Drapes offers a wide variety of quality and affordable Curtains And Drapes from which to choose. From luxury fabrics such as silk, linen and velvet to practical blackout linings and fittings, Half Price Drapes supplies your window treatment needs completely.

Serenity Health Fountains
based on 40 reviews

Serenity Health provides the finest in indoor and outdoor Garden Water Fountains. At Serenity Health, we believe the home should truly be a haven. Our products take decorating beyond the ordinary for a beautifully harmonious home.

Nearly Natural Silk Plants
based on 25 reviews

The look of lush greenery and florals can transform any space into a beautiful and welcoming one. However, upkeep such as watering and disposing of fallen leaves can detract from the enjoyment these decorations. Silk flowers and silk plants from NearlyNatural.com solve this dilemma elegantly with incredibly realistic details that [...]
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based on 38 reviews

Get the highest quality Canvas Photos transferred to canvas. The lifelong UV- and water-resistant inks used in CanvasHQ artwork means that buyers are purchasing lifelong pieces.

Brookstone Store
based on 102 reviews

Earn 5 “MRN Bonus Points” Per Dollar When You Shop Through MyReviewsNow! *Click Here For More Info* Brookstone is all about the “hands on” and “see for yourself” experience. Brookstone keeps all items for sale on hand so that potential customers can try them out and have adequate information to [...]
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Panasonic Massage Chairs
based on 31 reviews

Check out the latest in Human Touch Massage Chair technology from Panasonic. Panasonic Massage Chairs make use of innovative massage techniques in order to ease tension in the shoulder, back and leg areas.

iRobot Roomba Cleaning Robots
based on 106 reviews

Never worry about vacuuming or washing your floor again with these innovative automatic, roving vacuums. Shop for a model that fits your household's needs. In some cases this is cheaper than buying a new vacuum!

Select Blinds
based on 117 reviews

"I have not been able to find a better product at such a greatprice! Select Blinds truly offers quality, customer service,and user-friendly installation of their products. Say goodbye to high-priced blinds that take days to install!" Carriann Arkowski - HGTV.

Plant Bulbs With Dutch Gardens
based on 35 reviews

Quality flowers add color to gardens, improve the look of a yard, and can be cut and arranged to make wonderful bouquets. Tulips, daffodils and lilies are just some of the many delightful flowers that homeowners can plant in their gardens and yards, but sometimes it is difficult to find [...]
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Flex Seal
based on 87 reviews

Get the "Rubber in the Can" with the one and only Flex Seal Spray

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