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As a world traveler, beauty and cosmetics expert, and model in her 40s, Lauren Hutton has amassed an entire collection of makeup ideas for women in there 30s, 40s, and beyond. Her prowess as both a model and an entrepreneur led her to create an enterprise in beauty and cosmetics that serves the makeup needs of women of all varieties with more than just products. Tips, insider information and tricks are also a part of her contribution to the area of beauty and cosmetics.

Lauren’s products emphasize enhancing beautiful features with natural products instead of covering them up with chemicals. The “Get Natural” set, for example, is 95 percent natural ingredients, earning its seal of approval from the Natural Products Association. This set includes 11 products with complete instructions to help you get the effects you want, whether it’s defining an area or hiding it. Get Natural includes a natural face disc, bamboo brush set, aqua elements foundation, mascara, lip liner, natural lip gloss, and a bonus bag.

In addition to raw goods, Lauren’s advice is among the most trusted in all of the beauty and cosmetics industry. Her website provides tips for applying spot concealer, sheer concealer, blush, eyeliner, and much more. Her website also features a section devoted entirely to the basics, for women looking to start or revamp their makeup use. Among her basic tips are a few steps to proper makeup application. First, she says, never apply makeup in uneven light; it must be symmetrical to be accurate. Next, always prioritize creams before powder in order of application, and of course, don’t forget to regularly wash makeup brushes at least once a week.

These and other tips and products are all courtesy of Lauren’s experience, which she extends to all women to reveal their inner beauty.

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