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ElizabethArden.com is a cosmetic company that is renowned around the world for its elegance and simplistic style. Featuring boutiques throughout the world and an online store, buying Elizabeth Arden products and feeling beautiful has never been easier. When a woman wears Elizabeth Arden makeup, you barely notice the makeup. Instead, you are captivated by the woman's natural beauty.

The company was started in 1909. Founder Florence Nightingale Graham created the company with a $6,000 loan from her brother. She had served as an apprentice to a beauty culturist and went on to open a shop on 5th Avenue. Ever since the opening of her first store in the United States, Elizabeth Arden has been a popular choice for cosmetics amongst women. Women love the lovely selection of red lipsticks, neutral blushes and pale eyeshadows that Elizabeth Arden has to offer.

One of the other successes of the Elizabeth Arden brand has been its wide selection night creams. The 8-hour night cream has to be its most popular selection. The night cream contains a Salicylic Acid that heals and moisturizes skin. Ever since its offering of night creams, Elizabeth Arden has become one of the most upscale brands. Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe swore by Elizabeth Arden products during their lifetimes. Even the royal line in Britain uses Elizabeth Arden products on a daily basis. Queen Elizabeth is said to have a personal makeup artist who uses Elizabeth Arden products every day.

When you want to achieve a more natural look, Elizabeth Arden makeup is your top choice. Forget about makeup brands that make you look like an overdone celebrity. You don't need to be dramatic in the type of makeup that you wear. You can embrace your natural beauty with makeup that is designed merely to bring out your best features, not substitute for them. The Elizabeth Arden makeup brand has built its name on bringing out the natural beauty that exists in all women.

Elizabeth Arden is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the cosmetology world. This brand offers everything from eyeshadows to night creams that will moisturize one's facial appearance. It is also one of the most incredible makeup lines that has a wonderful selection of fragrances. When you are looking for a gift for yourself, Elizabeth Arden products are the perfect indulgence. You will feel more confident at work and in your daily life when you wear makeup from the Elizabeth Arden brand.

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