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If you have windows, you need window treatments. Although they can transform the look of a room, drapes and curtains can be prohibitively expensive, especially if you have luxurious tastes. The solution isn't to settle for less on your windows, it's to pay less for window treatments with Half Price Drapes.

Despite its name, Half Price Drapes does more than just cut window treatment prices in half. The company offers a range of tab curtains, swags, valances, festoons and drapes plus all the necessary hardware to create the kind of designer windows that could cost hundreds of dollars for a fraction of the price. From luxury fabrics such as silk, linen and velvet to practical blackout linings and fittings, Half Price Drapes supplies your window treatment needs completely.

Gorgeous window treatments frame a beautiful view and hide one that's less than ideal, turning any room in your home into a masterpiece. Furniture showrooms always feature elaborate window treatments in their staged rooms even where there are no windows because curtains are so important to making a room feel complete. You can try the same trick in a windowless room or make the most of your natural windows with sheers. Diaphanous panels of plain or embroidered organza filter the view while allowing a flood of natural light into your home. Combine them with solid panels in elegant silk or cozy cotton to create just the look you want.

While beauty is certainly one reason for elegant window treatments, practicality plays a role too. Double rod fittings with sheer panels on the inner rod and a heavier opaque fabric on the longer rod preserve your privacy. For more opacity, layer long panels in front of Roman shades. At Half Price Drapes, you can even choose a few window treatments and switch them out seasonally.

Enhance your windows or create the illusion of a well-dressed window as a focal point for an otherwise bare wall with Half Price Drapes and their stunning selection of fabrics.

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