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Nothing helps to bring out your true character like a great pair of designer sunglasses. You can go for the standard designer labels and pay a high price for what may not be a perfect pair of glasses, or you can go to an eyewear specialist. That is the reason why Oakley is one of the top designer eyewear companies in the world. Eyewear is their business, and everything else is just peripheral. Whether you need specialized eyewear for sports or just a great pair of designer sunglasses for everyday use, the Oakley Eyewear store can’t be beat.

About Oakley
Oakley began as a designer and manufacturer of sports eyewear, but they soon emerged as a leading lifestyle brand. The company was founded in 1975 and now has six brands under their umbrella: Oakley, Fox Racing, Eye Safety Systems, Mosley Tribes, Paul Smith Spectacles and Oliver Peoples.

Oakley is known for blending both science and art into their designer sunglasses. If there is one thing this company is not, it is conventional. This unconventional attitude has led to a number of innovations in eyewear, and the company boasts no less than 575 worldwide patents.

Oakley Products
Oakley undeniably specializes in producing designer sunglasses. Eyewear is their passion, and their sunglasses sport several unique attributes, including the following:
• High Definition Optics®
• Polarizing filters
• Molecularly infused molding
• Impact resistance
• Hydrophobic water resistance

In addition, Oakley can create custom prescription lenses so you can wear your designer sunglasses without having to put on contact lenses.

Although Oakley specializes in eyewear, they have a number of other products available for sale on their website. You can shop from categories that include electronics, apparel, footwear, watches and accessories.

Oakley Website
The Oakley website is one of the best-designed sites on the Internet. The website engages your senses without being cluttered or difficult to navigate. Shopping with Oakley is a fun experience.

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