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Whether you have always admired the breathtaking photos of professional photographers and wish to emulate their success, or simply want to take better pictures of your family and friends, the Digital Photography Success program can help you capture life's finest moments and produce visual masterpieces.

The wonderful thing about the Digital Photography Success program from Amy Renfrey is that it caters to everyone from those who have never touched a digital camera to those with a background in photography. The step-by-step guidelines, intricate illustrations, and way that Amy presents the information will keep you engaged, reading, and absorbing information at lightning speed. Amy stumbled upon her unique technique by accident. Professional photographers would not help her when she asked questions and photography courses did not offer enough one-on-one instruction to allow her to master digital photography. One day, Amy set up her tripod and accidentally stumbled upon the lighting tips and tricks necessary to generate picture-perfect photos with every click of the shutter.

Amy will teach you the tips of lighting success, angles, action shots, and virtually every aspect of digital photography in a fraction of the time and expense traditionally needed to master photography. Some of Amy's students have gone on to win national photography contests, awards, and even start successful photo businesses. Whether you have a passion for stills, nature, action photos, landscapes, or people, you can capture every moment with grace and poise with Amy's home-study Digital Photography Success course.

Amy gives you options for courses that include vivid illustrations and hours of video in digital format. You also receive information on capturing abstracts and opening up your own studio. Keep up with the latest photography news with the included "Focus" Magazine subscription. Amy's home course is the ultimate digital photography teacher, helping you capture one-of-a-kind photos.

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