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If you don’t feel like visiting the Target department store in person, you can purchase merchandise from their website. Even better, you can use this network to take advantage of crazy online discounts. An item that was $20 in the Target department store could end up being $15 or less if ordered online.

At the bottom of Target’s homepage, you will see several different types of discounts. They include the following:

• Daily & Weekly Deals
• Items on Clearance
• Coupons

The Clearance section offers the most generous discounts. In some cases you can get 65 percent off an item. This makes getting clothes especially convenient. In fact, many of their children’s outfits are less than $10.

The daily and weekly ads are also interesting, but you have to make sure you order during the allotted time period. Fortunately, Target provides timers and calendars to let you know when these deals are over. You can also receive email alerts for expiring deals.

If you would still prefer to shop at the Target department store, you can use the company’s website to print off coupons. These coupons are available for all of Target’s merchandise, though there seems to be a greater emphasis on food items. In either case, you will have to use Target’s Print Activator program to print your coupons. You will also have to make sure that your local Target department store accepts online discounts. If you run into problems, the company suggests emailing them, as there could be a problem with the coupon itself. However, most of the time retailers will accept them with no issue.

Finally, you can use the Target website to save money on shipping. If you spend more than $50, you can receive free shipping on over 500,000 products. This includes items in the discount sections mentioned above. With that being said, you have nothing to lose by shopping at Target’s website. Depending on how you match up your deals, you could actually end up spending less online.

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