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Who hasn't heard a radio spot or seen a TV commercial for pet meds through 1800-PetMeds.com? Flea medication, dewormers, vitamins, even pet food and medications for common pet illness; it's all available through the PetMeds website. Nearly anything Spot might need to stay happy and healthy is delivered right to your door, without you even leaving the couch. But did you know, 1800-petmeds.com offers more than just routine pet meds and pet supplies?

Wondering what to do about Spot's persistent itching? Need tips on how to make flying easier on Fluffy? Is Kitty shedding more than usual? You can do more than just order pet meds from the site and get them delivered directly to your door. 1800-PetMeds.com offers a wealth of information and pet owner education resources. Learn about managing common pet illnesses and conditions, how to handle behavioral issues, even tips on avoiding injuries and anxieties. While the pet education articles cannot replace the care of a qualified veterinarian, they can help you improve your pet's quality of life.

Whether shopping for flea and tick prevention, ordering pet food, or sourcing inexpensive pet bedding, saving money is easy with just a few clicks. Pet meds and other supplies are conveniently categorized much like a brick and mortar pet store, with tabs rather than isles. Shop by pet type, symptoms, best sellers or sale items. Create an account and enjoy the ability to reorder the supplies you use most. Read reviews of various products and pet meds posted by other pet owners and 1800-PetMeds.com customers. Learn about pet care through Pet Health 101, the PetMeds blog, or various pet health guides.

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