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With Auqaponics you don’t have to have a plot of land, good quality of soil, a perfect climate, or a green thumb.  Auqaponics is a combination of hydroponics and aquaculture and is the latest approach in organic and natural gardening. The Auqaponics System can be set up outside or inside in a separate building or in your basement.

With the Auqaponics system, you grow not only plants but also fish together in one integrated, soilless system. Yes, the Auqaponics 4 U is a complete soilless system.  This is a two-part system with Auqaponics being a combination of hydroponics and aqua-culture.  The fish and plants work together creating the ideal water and nutrient ratios and optimum growth conditions.  The fish waste gives a food source to the plants and the plants give an organic filter for the water where the fish live.  Depending on the size of your system, you can feed yourself, your family, or your extended family.

With Auqaponics your plants grow faster, grow larger, and take very little personal attention and care.  You do not need to have any previous experience with gardening or have a green thumb to make this garden grow.

The most important thing about this system is it produces safe, fresh, and organic vegetables and fish for you and your family.  When the Auqaponics 4 U product is used in a controlled greenhouse environment, quality crops can be grown year round.   So what crops can you grow with this system?  You can grow various types of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, beats, herbs, and other organic vegetables.  With this system you can also grow strawberries and various types of melons.

If it the gardeners choice of what type of fish they wish to use.  These fish can be purely decorative in nature or as another source of healthy food.  Most commonly the Tilapia, Trout, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, or goldfish are used.

With the Auqaponics 4 U product you will be able to provide fresh food everyday for your family.  No more worry about feeding your family produce that has grown in field that has been treated with pesticides that could cause you or your family members with health problems.  True you can purchase organic produce at your local market but it can be very expensive.  With the Auqaponics System you can grow produce yourself and it is much more cost effective.

This system was designed for Auqaponics 4 U by John Fay, an experienced and licensed aquaponics expert.  When you make your purchase you get a 33 page detailed guide of priceless information about the design and assembly of the system.  Along with the detailed guide you receive when you purchase your Auqaponics System, you will receive the following books:  Organic Gardening for Beginners, A Guide to Flowering Gardening, Herbs for Health and Home, Guide to Organic Cooking, Eating Healthy, and Worm Farming- the World Best Compost.

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