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The Neat Document Organizer

Are you the type of individual who has countless documents, letter, copies of bills and other reams of paperwork? If you are, then the Neat Company has a solution for you. The Neat Company has several good software options and hardware devices that can help you manhandle the endless amount of paper in your kitchen drawer. Neat neat products will allow you to electronically store anything from business cards, legal documents, any any other deluge of necessary paperwork that you have scattered throughout your home or office. Neat solutions can be thought of as a digital or electronic file for systematically maintaining anything that is paper related. And the best news of all, is that there is no need for file cabinets or drawers with endless volumes of paper.

Starting with Neat Receipts, the number one receipt scanning option on the market. Neat Receipts is a portable scanning device that allows you to capture items such as business cards and credit card receipts. Neat receipts is perfect for professionals, small business owners, and even housewives you need to electronically store their information in a secure digital format. Weighing less than a pound, this easy to move scanning device is quite ideal for compact working environments, and for those who do not wish to tote a large, bulky piece of equipment around the home or office.

Another product, the more advanced NeatDesk scanner provides a central inbox for all of your documents. Featuring the award-winning ADF, standing for automatic document feeder, has a patented input tray that allows for scanning of various document sizes, all in one single batch. The NeatDesk utilizes advanced patented technology, also known as parsing, to identify and capture important, key information in a more complex form then does Neat Receipts. Powered by Neat software, the NeatDesk scanner is compatible with with software items such as QuickBooks, TurboTax and Outlook. The efficiency of the NeatDesk scanner allows the user to quickly scan up to 50 pages at once.

Please visit Neat today to choose the right scanning device for your needs, rather simple or complex.


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