The Pencil Portrait Mastery Course

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If you have ever been mesmerized or captivated by the intricacy of detailed pencil drawings and thought that you needed to be skilled or a professional artist, you were wrong. Although many that create entrancing pencil portraits are college-educated, professional, experienced artists, others develop and hone their pencil artistry skills by taking an online pencil artistry course: The Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery.

Developed as a labor-of-love through trial and error, Christopher Sia's pencil artistry course took over five years to master and bring to the market. Spending thousands of dollars on various drawing courses did not teach Christopher how to master the art of human pencil portraits. One day, after years of failed attempts, Christopher decided to intently study the pencil portraits of professionals and dust off his old drawing textbooks. After several years, many errors, and a lot of practice, his pieces are now showcased at art exhibits from all over the world. You can achieve the same success as Christopher without the stress, heartache, and errors that Christopher encountered.

Even if you have very little artistic ability or skill, the principles, lessons, and step-by-step instructions contained within Pencil Portrait Mastery can have you creating masterpieces that even a professional pencil artist would admire. You will learn about natural light and shadows, how to draw the most realistic features easily, and can look forward to creating one-of-a-kind gifts and portraits for family and friends. Some of Christopher's home-study students have become so successful that they have started their own art studios and sell custom-made portraits to many online and local clients. Others sell their celebrity portraits at craft fairs, art exhibits, and conventions. Whether you are an advanced artist, a seasoned professional, or have never been particularly skilled at drawing, you can gain invaluable knowledge from Christopher's pencil artistry.

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