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Horseback riding is more than just a pastime. For many, riding horses is a way of life. If you are into horseback riding, you will no doubt want to outfit yourself in equestrian apparel and accessories. Unfortunately, not many local stores have a wide variety of equestrian apparel. Even if you have a local equestrian store, your choices are going to be very limited. This is one of those situations where the benefits of ecommerce become apparent. Thanks to Equestrian Collections, you can have all the equestrian apparel and gear you desire shipped right to your door.

About Equestrian Collections
Equestrian Collections was founded by Chris Duggan in 1994 to address the gap in the market for specialty equestrian products. Initially, the company was founded on a single line of equestrian apparel for plus-sized women called the 1824 Collection. In 2003, Equestrian Collections, as a complete store, made its debut. Today, Equestrian Collections is a subsidiary of the Arnott Mason Corporation, a corporation solely owned and operated by women.

The mission of Equestrian Collections is to bring a complete universe of equestrian shopping to your fingertips. Customer satisfaction is a priority, and to this end, all products are guaranteed for a refund, replacement or store credit if you are not completely satisfied.

Shopping Equestrian Collections
Equestrian Collections has a wide variety of top-brand equestrian products available for sale. At any one time, over $100 million worth of products are offered on the website. All product listings come with one or more high-resolution photos, and you can select size and color directly from the page. Reviews of all products are also available, so you can see what others are saying before you decide to complete your purchase.

The first time you checkout your Equestrian Collections order, it takes about 5 minutes, but once your information is stored on their secure servers, the process is much quicker.

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