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Most Americans are related to King Edward III and William the Conqueror than any other famous person in history. By that reason, you are also related to Catherine Middleton, Prince William's newly wed wife, and the entire royal family. Who else could you be related to?

It's interesting to find out about your ancestry. Some people are into it and others are not, but everyone should be. To some it's a sense of pride, but understanding your background gives you a lot of insight on your personality and why your preferences are the way they are.

For instance, do you have a love for strong rhythmic beats? Your great great great grandfather could possibly have been from Scotland.

Sometimes we discover that once unacceptable backgrounds, because of the times our ancestors grew up in, are now something to celebrate. offers 7 billion records to access your past. Not only that, but because has so many users, you can piggyback on information they have found. Your family tree may very well be put together by a distant relative. Every user inputs what they know about their family and links are made between different families, ever-building and expanding the tree.

You get to view census records, immigration records, military records, service records, draft registration cards, casualty lists, marriage records, birth records, and death records. puts you in an intimate relationship from family members you have never met. You will get a glimpse of their lives and what their lives were like.

Knowing your roots serves as a key to who you are presently. We oftentimes find out we have many similarities to those we share a bloodline with. Your ancestors came a long way to make who you are today. Find out about them, their accomplishments, their struggles, and you discover something about yourself.

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