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If you’re like most homeowners, there are dozens of things around your house right now that could benefit from sealing them with Flex Seal. Get on top of those home repair projects you’ve been delaying by ordering a couple of cans of Flex Seal.

Touted for use on pipes, skylights, gutter and roofs, this liquid rubber can stop leaks and plug holes in just about any kind of household material.

If you think about it, many home repair projects involve filling voids or stopping leaks in one way or another. That’s why Flex Seal has so many household applications. Can’t you think of something that needs plugging or filling right now?

One regular-sized can of the product will treat between two and eight square feet, depending on how thickly it’s applied. To use it, just spray it in a gentle sweeping motion and let it dry completely. Add more coats if necessary until you’ve applied enough of the product to solve your problem.

Use it for leaky skylights and vent pipes, repairing hoses and PVC pipes and even fixing up bird bathes and garden ponds. It even works for boats as well as RVs, campers and just about any other structure or machine that can spring a leak.

Flex Seal comes out of the can as a liquid so it can seep into holes and cracks, then it dries, forming a flexible rubberized coating that becomes watertight on just about any kind of surface.

While the company doesn’t recommend it for drinking water storage areas or gasoline tanks, there’s not much else you can’t seal with Flex Seal.

To find out how many ways you can use this product for your home repair needs, visit Flex Seal’s website today. They have a special offer waiting for you that will seal the deal.

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