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What do you hate about flying? Bad food for one. Leg room for another. Not being able to sit for third. Perhaps being a bit bored with the airline's choice of entertainment. We've all been there. Enough said.

Flying with JetBlue seems like flying in luxury, but for them, it's the norm. They offer more-than-normal legroom. Being cramped for hours is far from ideal. Imagine being able to breathe without worrying about bothering your neighbor. Imagine no one falling asleep on your shoulder. Imagine actually having a choice in leg positions. Imagine being able to excuse yourself to the restroom without your derriere in someone's face. Imagine likewise, no derriere in yours.

JetBlue offers TV on every seat-backing. JetBlue offers over 40 channels. This means that you are not forced to watch one centrally-located TV which can be blocked out by bathroom-goers and flight attendants. Not to mention the obvious save from cricking your neck. And, for a bonus, you aren't forced into watching something which you don't want.

Channels 1 through 37 feature DIRECTV channels. Channels 38 through 40 cover JetBlue's exclusive entertainment channels which can be purchased for an extra $5.99 per channel. Channel 41 is PlusTV. The TV channel choices include the New York Times and the Broadway Channel.

For eating, you have a tailored list of choices with JetBlue. If you want a lot of protein or something to counter your fatigue, you can choose the "Beef Up" menu option. If you are seeking a more svelte look, opt for the "Shape Up" box. There are many other choices. It costs $5.99, but let's face it, what good is free when what you're eating is unpalatable, or inedible for that matter?

Fly with comfort, style, and ease of mind. Jet off into the horizon with JetBlue. JetBlue is thankfully against all norms.

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