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AirFrance is an international airline that offers flights from the United States to select airports in North America, Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. The site itself is easy to use and offers vital information for seasoned and novice international travelers alike.

On the main page, you can search for flights by entering your desired dates and the departure and arrival airports. If you are browsing and not sure where you would like to depart from or which airport would be best to arrive in, you can click on the destination guide. This allows you to see a world map and to narrow down your options.

Once you book your travel, use AirFrance's "Preparing For Your Trip" section to learn about the regulations, health advisories, restrictions on animals and baggage, and the services available for passengers withe special needs. This information is useful for international travelers who are unsure as to which documents they may need to travel, or which vaccinations they need in order to enter certain countries.

You can also see which amenities are offered on board your flight by looking at the menu under "On Board." Learn about what services you can expect on various flights, whether you are flying domestically or internationally. Also, use this feature to see maps of the cabin so you can familiarize yourself with the layout, including where the restrooms are and how close you will be sitting to an emergency exit. You can even know ahead of time which movies will be playing during the month that you fly.

In all, AirFrance's website is simple to use and easy to read. If you need to book international travel, visit for great prices, smooth travel, desired amenities, and the information that you need to make your international flight and vacation a success.

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