Virgin Atlantic Airlines

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Virgin Atlantic offers you the best price, the best space, the best food, and the best service. You will receive pre-flight drinks, delicious meals, and after-dinner liqueurs. You have a choice of three meals. They serve you on china dinnerware. You are also given stainless steel cutlery to eat with. They give you the best in service and a most relaxing flight.

You can pre-allocate your seats 24 hours before your flight departs via the Internet or your travel agent. The seats are quite spacious (21 inches of legroom); however, you can purchase more legroom if you choose. This is an option you can exercise on the day of your departure or you may call ahead by 2 days within your departure date. Each seat supports your spine properly allowing for an exquisitely comfortable experience. This is what relaxation is all about. Some seats have a pitch of 38 inches. You can even kick-up your feet as there are new footrests. The ergonomic design of the tray that falls out in front of you for your laptop, in addition to its power supply, make for a relaxing trip that you can get much-needed work done on.

For the ultimate luxurious experience, purchase a ticket in the Upper Class Suite. This option allows you a fully reclined long bed allowing you to completely relax and sleep. The prices are more affordable than ever. Book your flight today and see why flying with Virgin Atlantic can't be beat.

Do yourself a favor. When you fly, choose to go for ultimate relaxation. Don't fly cheap. You know how that ends-- a bad back, a stiff neck, and lacking the wherewithal to catch your connecting flight, let alone find your way off the plane. Fly with Virgin Atlantic. You will be happy you did.

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