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Finding the right home can be difficult and stressful. The hard part is not finding a home you like and feel you could live in the rest of your life. The hard part is finding a home you like that fits your budget. To find reasonably priced homes, you need to use all of the resources available. Some of the best resources for locating homes at reasonable prices are online. RealtyTrac is one such resource where you can find homes at prices less than half of what you would pay anywhere else. Because of this, RealtyTrac is not only a great website to buy a home to live in, but it is also a great website for investors.

What is RealtyTrac?
RealtyTrac is not a real estate agency or broker. It is a database with a collection of tools and resources subscribers can use to find quality real estate listings without a large price tag. The hottest real estate listings on RealtyTrac are foreclosures and auctions. These listings include details about the property, and you can contact the owner directly for additional information.

The detailed information in RealtyTrac's real estate listings includes all of the following: Comparable sales figures, Lien and loan history on each property, History of notices on all property that is in pre-foreclosure.

If you do not find any property that suits your needs, you can specify some details about what you require in your property and receive daily email alerts for new real estate listings matching your criteria.

Additional Features of RealtyTrac
Additional RealtyTrac features and tools that have recently been added are as follows:
• An overview of the foreclosure process is available to help you understand how to get the best deals on property.
• An e-book store is available for additional sources of information.
• You can receive financing directly through RealtyTrac's financial partners.
• If you still cannot find real estate listings that match your needs, you can contact one of RealtyTrac's networked agents.

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