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Brookstone is all about the "hands on" and "see for yourself" experience. Brookstone keeps all items for sale on hand so that potential customers can try them out and have adequate information to make an informed decision before purchase. Not only this, but Brookstone carries hard to find items. Brookstone offers a massive selection on the hottest and hard to find items. If you're hard-pressed to find something to get the person who has everything, go to Brookstone.

Brookstone has everything you need under one roof. They carry items, such as massage chairs, but they also carry items, such as remote controlled vehicles and helicopters. For the rush on holiday gifts, Brookstone has a customized wireless Bluetooth keyboard that is used in combination with an iPad. You can use it anywhere. It's a keyboard framed by soft plastic to protect your iPad while securing its upright position with non-slip features. It's easy to use and easy to fold up for "on the go."

Another "gotta get" item is the Cloud Force remote controlled helicopter. It features a built-in gyroscope and allows you to fly at about 80 feet from the remote control, fly backwards, forwards, right, left, bank and hover over the ground and objects. With its 3-channeled remote control, you have the option of flying with two other friends without interference. Its whisper-quiet features won't bug moms, dads, or anyone else. The Cloud Force helicopter comes with a rechargeable battery and several replacement parts-- one stabilizer bar, four replacement blades, one set of landing gear, one tail rotor, two tail fins and four connecting rods.

Brookstone carries everything under the sun. From robots to kitchen gadgets, to outdoor speakers, to massagers and everything else inside the home and out. Brookstone's products are sensational. You likely won't find these products anywhere else.

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