The Zone Diet by Dr Sears

dr sears
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For a diet to work both long term and short term, a healthy lifestyle change needs to be put in place. Fad diets may help you lose weight in a short amount of time, but you soon regain what you lost plus a few more pounds. The Zone Diet is different. It approaches weight loss from a different angle, because it is a way of life that will reduce the inflammation in your body to increase your overall good health. When cellular inflammation is under control, you will be at a healthy weight, you will have an increase in your emotional and mental well being.

Dr. Barry Sears wrote the book introducing The Zone Diet back in 1995. Popular among fitness enthusiasts, celebrities, and professional athletes, the program takes on the concept of balancing body chemistry in order to reach an optimum weight. Eating on The Zone Diet requires paying attention to the percentages of your daily food intake. One third of your food at every meal should be a lean protein like chicken, turkey, or fish. Two thirds of your food should be healthy carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables and healthy starches. You should also have a healthy fat like nuts, olive oil, or fish oil. Portion size is important, and your plate will guide your calculations. Small meals should be eaten every four to six hours, and snacks every two to three.

The Zone Diet website was put in place to help those who want to learn more about the program and connect with experts and community members for support. The educational resources available include a full explanation of the program and how it works, helpful tips and recipes for those who are learning the ropes, recent articles and blog posts with recommendations, and more. The forums are a place for followers to work together and form a community of support. You can also find a variety of nutritional supplements, books, and bars and shakes that follow the principles of The Zone Diet and will help you in your program.

If you are ready to take the steps necessary for a healthy mind and body, read more about The Zone Diet and how it can help you today. Connect with experts and peers, and learn more about the revolutionary approach to weight loss and well being.

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