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If you are one of those people who adore chocolate of all sorts, nothing could be more fun than learning how to make your own chocolate confectionaries. You can learn how to make gourmet chocolates from the comfort of your own home with the help of the chocolate making courses offered by Chocolate University Online (CUO). Chocolate making courses are fun to take and promise rich rewards that you can continue to produce for a lifetime. As a gourmet chocolatier, you will be the envy of all your friends, and your popularity will soar as never before.

About CUO
The chocolate making courses at CUO will have you learning aspects of chocolate you never knew existed. You will learn the secrets of both milk chocolate and dark. You will learn which chocolates are best for specific occasions and specific types of people. Your friends and family will be very impressed because so few people have such in-depth knowledge about chocolate.

The chocolate making courses of Chocolate University Online were developed by Bryn Kirk, a former high school biology teacher. She followed her personal interest in chocolates to a 10-year career researching and developing new products for Ambrosia Chocolate Company. She has also developed products for such food industry giants as Nabisco, Pillsbury and Mrs. Fields. Eventually, she opened her own chocolate shop. As time went on, Bryn began to think it was selfish not to share all of her information on chocolate, so she started work on CUO.

Attending CUO
A great aspect about CUO chocolate making courses is that they are self-directed. You don’t have to adjust your schedule, and you can take the courses when your time permits. The courses are available in two formats. The basic format is through PDF text and images. For just a few dollars more, you can purchase audio accompaniment in MP3 format. You will get five lessons on one CD, but your first lesson will be available to download immediately after purchase, no matter the time or day.

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