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Pizza, that heavenly combination of dough, sauce and cheese, has captured the hearts and stomachs of hungry Americans for decades. When craving a slice of the "good stuff", today's savvy chef isn't limited to the poor-quality mass-produced options in the frozen food aisle and chain restaurants - they turn to PizzeriaSecrets.com's pizza recipes for the best pie in town. Penned by Bev Collins, a former famous company pizza researcher, the tips found in this incredibly informative e-book cover all the topics you need to know to turn out restaurant-quality pizza from your own kitchen with very little effort.

More than just a collection of the same pizza recipes found on cooking websites, the ebook instructs would-be pizza makers in culinary nuances, such as how to select the right flour for your dough and what type of water to use. These seemingly small tips are the difference between a real new york style pizza and a flat piece of bread with cheese. The crispy crust, the melted cheese, the delicious sauce - all these are are at your fingertips with the ebook and pizza recipes you'll find at PizzeriaSecrets.com.

More of a visual learner? Have no fear - this ebook also comes with an absolutely free 80 minute video that walks you through all the steps of the perfect pizza so that you can easily follow along at home. The video can be instantly downloaded, so you can start enjoying the delicious product of your new expertise right away! There are also a plethora of reviews and even user's pizza pictures, which show that anyone can harness the skills in Ms. Collins book of pizza recipes and techniques. Why should you and your family suffer through another lackluster pie on pizza night? Head on over to PizzeriaSecrets.com and you'll never have to order mediocre delivery pizza again.

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