LifeLock Identity Protection
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These days, identity theft has become one of the leading crimes in the United States. Thousands of people experience identity theft every day. They may go to pay the minimum balance on a credit card, only to see that an anonymous user has charged thousands of dollars on a credit card. Because identity theft is so rampant in our society, it is essential for you to protect yourself with a company like Lifelock.

Mission of Lifelock

The main goal of Lifelock is the "relentless protection" of your identity. The company ensures that the protection of your identity remains a priority in a few ways. One of the ways that the company ensures the protection of your identity is a priority is by being a member of TRUSTe. The company is also compliant under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. The company also has multiple fraud resolution teams working to ensure that people are protected from fraud at all times. These experts are able to instantly recognize when charges are being made on your credit card from a third party.

Benefits of Lifelock Membership

By becoming a member of Lifelock, you are guaranteed that the company will spend up to $1 million to protect you in the event of identity theft. The company will spend up to $1 million on lawyers, investigators and other professionals who will help you protect your identity. Identity theft insurance is also included in your Lifelock policy. Identity theft insurance helps you recover expenses out of your pocket. Identity theft insurance helps you recover lost wages or money spent on child care during your crisis. Any document replacement fees or travel expenses that you incur will also be covered under a Lifelock policy.

Lifelock Plans

There are two different Lifelock plans that you can choose from. You can decide to go with the Lifelock Ultimate plan, and this plan costs $25 a month or $275 for the year. You can also decide to go with the basic Lifelock plan that costs $10 a month or $110 for the year. With the Lifelock Ultimate plan, you have access to your credit score every month. You can also be assured that professionals will monitor your credit reports at the three major Credit Bureaus.

The truth is that you can't afford not to have identity theft protection. Identity theft protection gives you peace of mind and allows you to feel secure that your information is safe at all times. You will no longer have to worry about the possibility of someone in another country hacking into all of your accounts and wiping them clean. No one should have to worry about losing their life savings due to identity theft.

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