Xerox Free Color Printer Program

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To add even more prestige to their growing presence as a laser jet printer supplier, Xerox launched their FreeColorPrinters program in 1999. This initiative, which is still gaining steam today, was designed to help organizations of all kinds excel in their fields with vibrant color products that sharpen every hue to an unrivaled brilliance. This sector of the company has already absorbed a slew of small businesses in all areas of commerce, from various offices and schools to non-profit organizations.

Members of the Xerox Free Color Printers program enjoy just that: free use of the highest quality ink jet printer. They also have the assistance of the Xerox service department at their disposal. Yet another perk to this program is that members are granted access to the Xerox online community that features discounts and additional support to streamline their laser jet printer needs. So what Xerox products are available under this program, and what are the requirements of use?

First, the ColorQube 8570DN presents a very efficient option for the printing needs of businesses that go through at least 4 reams of paper a month. With double-sided printing built in, the ColorQube allows users to save paper and money while pumping out color prints at the amazing rate of 40 pages per minute. When combined with a 2400 FinePoint resolution and 3 year service warranty, the ColorQube is a printing powerhouse for any office.

To add scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities to color printing needs, the Phaser 8560MFP/D can take on the workloads of heavier offices while providing quality prints. This all-in-one dynamo can scan documents directly to a desktop, send faxes from a PC, and perform multiple jobs at once. Between this option and the ColorQube, Xerox has businesses of all sizes covered on their laser jet printer needs.

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