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Whether you are looking to protect your plants from droughts, increase the value of your property, or simply have a lush and well-manicured lawn, you can quickly and efficiently install your own automatic sprinkler system for a fraction of the cost of a professional job. With a diy irrigation system, you will not have to worry about standing out in your yard with a hose, wasting water, and looking into having a professional install an expensive lawn sprinkler system.

Scott Young is a licensed irrigation professional with over ten years' experience in the business. He ran his own successful lawn service business in Central Florida for over seven years. Scott put together a comprehensive guide based on his professional expertise and experience. This spectacular guide is filled with insight, money-saving tips, strategies, and easy-to-understand instructions that will help you create and make the most of your yard.

Scott's diy irrigation system will teach you how to install a hidden sprinkler system that only appears when it is time to water your lawn. He shows you how your diy irrigation system can save you extensive money on your water bill, restore the life of your plants, trees, bushes, and shrubs, and recover your grass from drought conditions.

In addition to the wealth of knowledge contained within the diy irrigation system, you will also receive a number of bonuses with your purchase. You will receive an installation checklist, which can be priceless during the planning phases. In addition, you also receive a drip tutorial guide that will help you eliminate unwanted weeds and overgrowth, a basic Bonsai book for those new to the ancient art of Bonsai, and a priceless guide on preventing, treating, and identifying various plant diseases. This comprehensive system is ideal for both the seasoned landscaper and regular homeowner.

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