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If clothes make the man, it can be said that undergarments make the woman - at least if she has the luxurious options of JuliannaRae.com in her wardrobe. With silky slips, elegant bra and panty sets and loungewear for comfort outside of the boudoir, the site has everything you'll need to round out your lingerie collection and more. In addition to their high-end clothing offerings, Julianna Rae also stocks bags and spa kits to promote relaxation and a pampered lifestyle for their customers. No matter what items catch your eye, a built-in wishlist function allows you to send a subtle hint to your partner for products you'll both enjoy.

Love luxurious silk unmentionables but have a smaller budget to work with? Don't worry - several tiers of shop-by-price designs will present you with a variety of sensual confections in your range. For men who find their way to JuliannaRae.com and aren't sure where to start, a handy men's buying guide in the gift section fills significant others in on the terms and hints they'll need to know. Those searching for a last-minute present can also take advantage of the gift card options on the site, allowing their recipient to select the right pieces for their taste.

Unlike department store styles, the intimates and clothing at JuliannaRae.com are made for distinguished tastes, and have a distinct "feel" all their own. Julianna's delicate lace edging, decadent silk robes and chemises and flirty camisoles make the ideal addition to any drawer of underthings. Whether you're treating yourself to a special indulgence or celebrating your affection for your partner, sub categories, easy navigation and a list of local stores that carry the Julianna Rae line makes this site an ideal destination for lingerie enthusiasts. Don't settle for the same recycled designs that hit the store shelves every year - think outside of the lingerie box and visit JuliannaRae.com!

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