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LendingTree.com is a free service that matches individuals with lenders and insurance companies in order to help these individuals save money on home loan finance, auto loans, insurance, and more. The site has a solid track record of matching applicants with affordable loans and insurance policies. Since 1998, it has helped countless customers enjoy the benefits of marketplace competition in the financial products and services industry.

There is no charge to apply to LendingTree.com to get a better home loan finance rate, better auto loan terms, help with refinancing a home, and much more. Users submit their personal information on LendingTree.com, and the information is then forwarded to lenders or insurance companies. This information is only sent to companies and banks that might be interested in loaning money or writing a policy for the person who has submitted the information. This saves individuals a great deal of time, for they will not have to fill out dozens of loan or insurance applications for dozens of lenders or insurance companies.

If a lender is interested in making a home loan finance offer, LendingTree then sends an email to the applicant that puts the applicant in touch with the lender. The same thing happens no matter the financial product that the individual is applying for. Applicants who receive several offers can use the LendingTree Lender Scorecard on LendingTree.com to learn more about the banks and insurance companies that have expressed interest in extending a loan or insurance coverage.

Unlike many mortgage brokers, LendingTree.com does not charge a fee for those who use its services. Applicants only have to pay the lender's or insurer's fees and charges, meaning that homeowners can save a great deal on home loan finance. Individuals who need a home loan, auto loan, insurance policy, or other financial product should definitely consider visiting LendingTree.com today.

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