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You know the moment you walk into a Barnes and Noble with coffee brewing in the background that this is a place of familiarity. This is your home away from home. This is where, people like you, get lost in the magic of books. This is where people speak your lingo. This is where people are just as eager as you for the next book in your favorite series to come out. You can't talk like this with just anyone.

People at Barnes and Noble speak your language. You will find others there to share with you about how the movie either captured the grandeur of or deviated from the book. This is the place of solidarity.

Clinging to a warm book on a rainy day, covered by blankets and a soft comfy pillow, in your pajamas while the rain beats down on a window. This is a day made for reading.

Or how about those times when you just need to escape from it all? You're physically on your lunch break, but your mind pleasantly drifts off to some far away world. After your book excursion, you are relaxed and well-settled to face more work.

How about intriguing your analytical mind in a mystery? Books offer an escape that enrich your mind in a way that TV or other sources of entertainment simply cannot.

Books are companions on long trips. They're your guide to far away foreign lands. They're your gateway to success in learning. If you can think of it, there is a book on it. Barnes and Noble is a wonderful place to gain access to all your delights. Read, experience, and enjoy.

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