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As a benchmark along the journey to adulthood, drivers ed is supposed to be a rewarding and fun as well as educational experience for burgeoning drivers. That has been the mission of for more than 14 years; to deliver an efficient, enjoyable, and effective education in everything driving. Since its inception by Isaak Tsifrin, Gary Golduber, and Gary Tsifrin, has been developing holistic courses over the Internet, rapidly climbing to become the number one most visited drivers education website in the country. All courses are approved by the states that they are offered in, and are always improving with help from and their affiliates. So how does the program work and what advantages does it offer over conventional drivers ed? offers their online drivers ed program in a three-step program. First, and this is the bulk of their operation, students complete the online courses to qualify for their permit. Unlike the rigors of commuting to a crowded DMV facility to take a timed test in a room full of strangers, allows students to complete the curriculum without time restrictions and stress, all while relaxing at home. After the state-approved online course is completed, the student will then be presented with their Certificate of Completion, free of cost. After the next step, earning the learner’s permit, the final step is to begin actual driving classes, earning the hours required to eventually acquire a standard operator’s permit. is both a low-stress primer and a convenient access point to the world of defensive driving. To guarantee satisfaction, allows students to start for free, offering up to a fifth of the curriculum for free before the first payment is required. Finally, has the credentials to back up their claims with 2.1 million students served and counting.

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