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When most people think of concert violinists they think of years of costly lessons and advanced college degrees. Many aspire to learn the violin, but lack the time or funds necessary to invest in professional tutoring and hours of practice.

Eric Lewis is a violin master with over 40 years' experience teaching students to learn the violin. He has taught at major educational facilities across the United States and has been touring the world since the 1970s, sharing his captivating gift with the world. Eric has also taught students through private lessons and sessions throughout. He wanted to create a program that would reach out to more people across the world and introduce more people to the ancient art of the violin. Capitalizing on the digital era, Eric put together a digital configuration of videos and mp3 sound bites that teach anyone how to play the violin like a pro. He has mastered the art of condensing larger lessons and instruction into smaller periods of time, teaching new students to play Mozart and Beethoven in record time.

In his remarkable configuration of home-study courses, you too can begin to learn the violin like a pro whether you are advanced in your level of study or completely new to the violin. Eric offers a varied curriculum that caters to violinists of all ages and skill levels. With time and practice, you can make money from your trade by playing at weddings, concertos, and touring with string quartets and other musical groups or simply enjoy playing for your friends and family.

Eric is unique in his teaching style; he not only teaches a variety of styles but also incorporates rhythm and confidence-building exercises into his lessons. You will love the ease-of-instruction, the professional quality, and your fast progression when using Eric's program.

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