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Who wouldn’t like to lose some weight, tone up a bit and feel better than ever? With the Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates system you can be on your way toward a healthier, more active life without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Mari Winsor calls herself America’s leading pilates workout instructor for good reason. Her system is getting results for those who’ve tried her popular plan.

A pilates workout combines the best of two exercise techniques. Traditional muscle definition exercises are combined with a slimming cardio workout to get the kind of results that aren’t really possible with one or the other. Strengthening and toning while burning fat at the same time is the key to Winsor’s multidimensional workout approach.

Usually, you have to drag yourself to the gym for a pilates workout taught by a professional instructor, but Winsor combines DVD instruction with The Accelerator, a device that provides resistance, increases range of motion and adds to the sculpting ability of the exercises.

That’s a lot cheaper than a Pilates Reformer, a machine that costs thousands but performs a similar function.

Even better, The Accelerator and the rest of the Winsor kit are completely portable, so they can keep up with your active lifestyle.

If you’ve found that some exercise programs do more harm than good, the Winsor pilates workout program might be right for you. With no jarring, bouncing or stress on your joints, it’s a low-impact way to feel taller, more sculpted and slimmer too.

Winsor says pilates works for everyone, so that means it could work for you.

To find out for yourself how the Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates kit and program can work for you, visit their website and order the kit today. Yours could be the next success story added to the site.

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