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Imagine that amidst the chaotic hustle and bustle of the typical airport, you are able to relax, have peace and quiet, kick-back, put your feet up, have coffee, read a book, and even have a bed to sleep. VIP airport lounges offer this. Sound too good to be true? Yes, it is too good but it is also too true.

Priority Pass has been in business since 1992. They know a thing or two about relaxation and the necessity of it while flying. Airport lounges allow for: WiFi connection; computer access; complimentary newspapers, magazines, drinks, and snacks; space; comfort; privacy; recreation; beds; showers; peace; quiet; and relaxation. You can even take a guest with you.

You don't need any special class of ticket or any other requirement to go to a VIP airport lounge. All you need is Priority Pass. With Priority Pass, you will have over 600 airport lounges. Imagine you have a flight delay, a flight cancellation, or just a really long layover. How much more pleasant would this experience be with a free beverage, a comfy bed, and free reading material to pass the time away?

Access to these airport lounges can be found in 300 cities all over the world and 100 countries. There are 70 lounges within the United States. Some of the United States' cities with airport lounges include: Chicago, San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, and Houston.

Some international airport lounges are located in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Thailand, Bahrain, and South Korea.

With all that you have to manage when you fly--making sure your baggage is not too large and that it's weight is not too high, checking-in, giving your ID to the proper officials, making sure you keep your bags on you at all times, taking off your shoes, putting your cameras and all other electronics in separate bins, removing your jacket, emptying your pockets, using the restroom before you board, checking to see if your flight is on-time, finding your gate, catching your flight... You get the picture.

An airport lounge can make all of this nastiness go away. Board your plane relaxed and refreshed.

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