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Electronic Arts is one of the world's largest distributors, publishers and developers of videogames. The company has been in business since 1982 and was an early industry pioneer. They are furthering their reach and strength within the industry by establishing the newly minted Origin distribution system which will compete with and distribute content similarly to the popular (or un-popular depending on your viewpoint) Steam system. EA alone earned $833 million dollars in digital revenues alone last year. To review EA titles would take forever as they are responsible for either developing or publishing the following: Madden, FIFA, NBA Jam, Need for Speed, Medal of Honor, Battlefield, Command & Conquer, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (in partnership with LucasArts).

The Electronic Arts Store is now located at store.origin.com. Right off the bat they commit a web faux-pas with a pop-up video ad for one of their games. Once you have closed that there is a very straightforward website underneath. Categories are divided by system: PC, XBOX 360, Wii, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, PSP, Nintendo DS and Free Games. Once you have selected a category from The Electronics Arts Store you can view all games by Rating or Genre on the left side of your screen. The news games are simply laid out with image. You can easily select more info to learn about the game or add the game to your cart. Pre-orders of all of their major games are available and some come with pre-order bonuses. Our Electronic Arts Store review concludes with this, with so many titles under their belt and the capital to develop more, Origin and The Electronic Arts store are easy to use and will probably only get better, and will undoubtedly carry some of the games you want the most like Battlefield 3.

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