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SeaWorld & Aquatica - Two great parks. One great deal.

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Explore the magic underneath the sea. SeaWorld has an extensive variety of animals and activities for every person. Very rarely do we get the opportunity to see these splendors, let alone up close and as intimately as provided at SeaWorld. Only at SeaWorld could you eat with an orca allowing you to understand and appreciate how majestic these creatures are.

SeaWorld's attractions include bat rays, sharks, penguins, polar bears, bottlenose dolphins, tropical birds and of course, Shamu, amongst other marine life animals. The world famous Shamu stars in "One Ocean," a breathtaking spectacular show. It features Shamu and other orcas, several moving/spinning screens showing various undersea wildlife and beautiful fountains choreographed to the music. The best time to see this show is at night when lights of pinks, blues and whites dance upon the water.

There are several attractions for everyone. There are low-thrill activities, such as viewing the animals in their tanks, exciting rides for thrill seekers, beautiful shows and meet and greets with dolphins and penguins that allow you to touch them.

You have the option of dining with Shamu. You can dine with her in the morning for breakfast or later in the day. Shamu's tank sits adjacent to several dining tables. As you eat, she comes up onto the platform and jumps out of the water, amongst other tricks.

SeaWorld has several amazing rides. One such ride is the Journey to Atlantis, which is a combination roller coaster, viewing spectacular and water ride. View what Atlantis would look like with mermaids and deep sea creatures. Journey to Atlantis features a 60-foot drop. At the end of the ride, you will view Seaworld's Commerson's dolphins up close in their tanks.

SeaWorld has three locations: San Diego, California; San Antonio, Texas; and Tampa, Florida. SeaWorld is a must do for any person at any age.

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