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Skechers’ recent debut in the athletic shoes realm has added a powerful practicality to their footwear, opening opportunities for runners, hikers, and several other areas of fitness. Already established as a purveyor of attractive around-the-town shoes, Skechers has opened their athletic shoes division to encompass active people while maintaining their trademark styles. Using proven biomechanics and ergonomic designs, Skechers has created their Tone-up and Specialized Athletic Shoes lines to improve posture, balance, muscle toning, and overall performance for aggressive athletes.

Thanks to Skechers’ Tone-up sandals for women, even beachcombers are able to receive a muscle toning benefit from their footwear of choice. Using smooth, lightweight, and flexible materials such as neoprene and faux as well as a number of innovative designs, the Tone-ups provide impact absorption, muscle definition, and aesthetic appeal for all tastes.

The electric slide, for example, combines a contoured foam sole with ventilation to turn a leisurely stroll into a vigorous workout, unbeknownst to the wearer. With ample heel support and shock absorption foam added, the Tone-ups encompass feet of all shapes and sizes.

Skechers’ women’s Shape-ups Toning Sneakers integrate a natural curvature into the bottom of each Shape-up shoe to simulate a barefoot strike. Instead of striking first with the heel and rolling forward, which overtrains small muscles and fails to challenge the large muscle groups of the legs, the Shape-ups promote a forefoot strike. This strengthens and defines the calf muscle, the soleus, and ankle stabilizers to improve gait while shaping attractive legs.

For men, the Pro Resistance S R R Running Shoes offer ample resistance and support to last for stronger and longer runs. These athletic shoes were crafted to encourage a mid-foot strike for maximum impact absorption. As such, they are ideal for training as well as competition, for strength, speed, and agility.

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