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Intuit's QuickBooks Provides Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Intuit is a recognized leader in financial software for direct consumer use. Products such as TurboTax and Quicken are well known for providing easy-to-follow processes that allow users to file taxes and manage personal finances without professional assistance. Perhaps less known, but no less effective, is the QuickBooks line of software for managing small-business finances.

QuickBooks offers businesses the ability to handle sales, inventory, invoicing, receivables, payroll and more either on their own or with minimal help from an accountant. Customizable features, including forms and detailed reports, make the software easily adaptable to construction, non-profit, service or other company types, and point-of-sale offerings assist retail businesses ranging from restaurants to hardware supplies. Many accountants also use QuickBooks to track the finances of small-business clients who prefer not to manage on their own.

Online and physical software packages suit different needs with varied feature levels to help reduce costs. Whether a business needs to generate only a few invoices a month, handle a variety of complex deductions and tax structures for employee payroll or has needs that fall somewhere in between, QuickBooks software can manage the tasks. The online variations come with a free, 30-day trial period, and qualified money-back guarantees invite users to try the software on for size.

Intuit continually strives to live up to its name, creating financial software that is intuitive for users to learn and operate and that also adapts to current technology. From the initial action of balancing a family checkbook, Intuit's products and services have grown to contain such offerings as a Health Portal for managing doctor-patient functions, including prescription renewal, test results and appointments. Operations have also expanded from desktop to online usability, and mobile access is also available for some QuickBooks tasks. QuickBooks is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

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