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Speech recognition software has revolutionized how people interact with their computers. Before, typing or mouse clicks had to be used to initiate an action. With speech recognition software, the sound of one’s voice is enough to propel a command. This is especially the case with Dragon Naturally Speaking, the leading software of its kind on the market.

Here is how the Dragon Speech writing software suite works. After installing the program, users must go through a brief training session. This helps acclimate the software to their own voice, a process which makes dictation smoother. When the training session is finished, users can do what they want with the software.

Like other types of writing software, Dragon does a phenomenal job of typing up documents. If a person speaks in a normal tone, the program will transcribe text at 150 words per minute. This is approximately three times faster than the average person types without the aid of software. Plus, with the Dragon Naturally Speaking, users won’t have to worry about correcting errors or typos. The program will automatically do that for them.

If used at its full capacity, Dragon could produce 72,000 words or more during the average workday. At this rate, authors could create full-length books in less than a week. Doctors and lawyers could create dozens of reports without the need of a professional typist. Along those lines, even typists benefit, as they could spend more time editing their documents.

Dragon can also be used for leisurely activities. During a gaming session, users can speak commands to control their characters. Artists can use voice-controlled macros to input a series of drawing actions. Internet surfers can use the software to speak keywords into Google. Even email can be created using a person’s voice.

Writing software has certainly come a long way!
In summary, when it comes to speech recognition software, Dragon is clearly Number One. Its ease of use and cheap price tag make it an attractive option for almost any situation. Whether you need speech recognition software for work or play, Dragon will definitely meet your needs.

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