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Founded in 1990, Steve Madden Shoes has taken the fashion world by storm. From chunky heels to neon high-tops, Steve Madden shoes has turned into a beloved fashion staple for men and women everywhere. As a top designer offering affordable and stylish shoes, men and women can enjoy having high-fashion looks on a budget. Steve Madden designs unique and bold shoes that are perfect for the street, office or going out at night in the city!

Steve Madden started his company in 1990 with only $1,100 in his bank account. Being on this low budget gave him the opportunity to create great shoe designs for women with a limited income. Ever since launching Steve Madden Shoes, he has become one of the greatest success stories in the world of fashion.

The vision of Steve Madden Shoes can be described as funky, fresh and appealing for the modern woman. The creative team takes inspiration from everywhere, whether it is from the chunky roller-skates that were so popular in the 1970s or the platform shoes worn by divas like Diana Ross.

Steve Madden shoes are perfect for anyone who embraces his or her own unique style in the world of fashion. For the person who is truly independent, Steve Madden shoes are a great choice for the opportunity that they provide to a person to express his or her independence. When you want to fully express your creativity, passion and independence, there is no other shoe to choose with your outfits than Steve Madden shoes.

Everyone from Mary-Kate Olsen to Amanda Bynes have been spotted wearing Steve Madden shoes on the red carpet. His designs have mesmerized celebrities for the different look that these shoes have. You can even read about the beginnings of Steve Madden at and get a feel for the mission of this company. This company is aimed at offering a lifestyle choice to its customers. Customers can choose to embrace their own unique vision and independence when they decide to wear Steve Madden shoes.

Steve Madden likely had no idea that his shoe designs would spark a revolution in the fashion world. That is exactly what his brand has achieved over the past two decades. Fashion icons look to Steve Madden for inspiration on creating commercial designs that also have a high-fashion look. Steve Madden has offered millions of women and men the opportunity to embrace a high-fashion look at a low price. With shoes that look like they just came off of the runway, Steve Madden continues to take the world by storm. The fashion world can only expect to see great shoe designs from Steve Madden in the future.

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